Kiyosaki tells it how it is - banks, Bitcoin, freedom of speech

Kiyosaki tells it how it is - banks, Bitcoin, freedom of speech

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Robert Kiyosaki has gone to Twitter to warn his followers of the excesses of the banks, and advises gold and bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, continues to tweet out on his Twitter account, giving his view that the Federal Reserve and the banks are not to be trusted.

Free speech

For such a well-respected and influential person to be able to make these kinds of remarks at least says something for the ability to have free speech in US society.

However, Kiyosaki was scathing of the owners of Fox News, who ‘released’ both Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino from the news channel. According to Kiyosaki, both were voices for freedom.


On the banks, and particularly the Federal Reserve, Kiyosaki was even more vociferous in his condemnation. He tweeted on how the Treasury and US government had decided to back any banks that were deemed to be “systemically important”.

He saw this as being totally detrimental to the smaller regional banks, and he suggested that they could be wiped out by the Fed.

Could Kiyosaki be right about this? Banks have become far fewer over the passing years. With the current Fed policy towards them, many more could go out of business, leading to a future monopoly of the last big 5 or 6 banks.


On Bitcoin, Kiyosaki has never wavered, telling his followers to buy it, as well as gold and silver, in order to protect themselves from the terrifying times to come.

The famous entrepreneur says that Bitcoin does not need Fed bailouts because it is the “people’s money”, and he forecasts that the king of the cryptocurrencies is going to $100,000 this cycle.

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