BlockAI.Care launches AI-powered healthcare platform

BlockAI.Care launches AI-powered healthcare platform

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The global healthcare market was valued at almost 5 trillion dollars in 2022, and expected to reach over 7.6 trillion dollars by 2030 (based on Precedence research). Inside this market, the sector including virtual health, telehealth, in-home and wearable devices, and other AI-enabled services is growing at a high rate too, ranging from 5 to 24% annually and expected to increase at 893 billion dollars by 2032. Telehealth is a great approach to reduce costs of time and care while delivering more equitable and efficient services to a larger part of the population.

BlockAI.Care as an innovative platform is set to revolutionize the telehealth industry. BlockAI.Care utilizes both two emerging technologies that are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain to provide many health monitoring and management services while improving data privacy, security, and decentralization. 


A marketplace and a low-code platform

At heart, BlockAI.Care is a low-code platform that AI developers can easily implement a workflow to deliver their AI services to end-users. The platform implements common modules to process data, connect AI services, render the results and then build user accounts and profiles that monitor all of their wellness aspects to make recommendations. Each AI service can be thought of as an application inside BlockAI.Care, which is the superapp. 

One of the standout features of BlockAI.Care is its AI Marketplace, which plays an essential role in bridging AI services from many providers to the platform so that BlockAI.Care is not the only one, but many other can easily participate and deliver their services to application developers and end-users. Consequently, users can access a greater set of services and be able to monitor larger sets of health aspects. 

Another promising module, called Care Bot, is being developed to BlockAI.Care. As an AI assistant, Care Bot is a chatbot for the healthcare domain that can answer general healthcare-related questions and process services via dialog-type of queries. With this module, BlockAI.Care will reach a next level of low-code platform for developers and deliver a better experience to end-users.


Holistic telehealth

This groundbreaking platform offers a user-centered approach that monitors and tracks multiple aspects of health to build a customized wellness profile for each user. Unlike other healthcare applications that use only one or a few aspects of health indicators, BlockAI.Care plans to aggregate the results of many AI micro-services to provide the most comprehensive and personalized healthcare monitoring experience available. This holistic approach, using many aspects of health indicators, is unprecedented, providing users with a more comprehensive and personalized healthcare experience.

At the current stage, the platform has unveiled seven initial core AI models that cater to fundamental health aspects regarding physical and mental health with many more to come. By combining the output of several AI APIs, each monitoring one aspect of wellness, BlockAI.Care builds a holistic profile for each user. This user-centered approach is truly revolutionary and sets the platform apart from any other healthcare application available. The platform's approach is affordable, reducing the cost of time, money, and travel for individuals seeking personalized healthcare information. 


Data privacy and security

BlockAI.Care also prioritizes the privacy and security of its users' data. User data is encrypted by default and stored in a decentralized network EUENO. Only the owners of data can access and authenticate permissions to the data. Additionally, AI models process input data in an anonymous manner, without having any knowledge of the owners of the data. The platform’s decentralized AI marketplace, data storage and by-default data encryption set it apart from other healthcare applications in the industry. It provides users with access to a wide range of healthcare services, giving them control of their private healthcare data. 

On the other hand, BlockAI.Care also provides incentive mechanisms for the data owners to earn from their data. We acknowledge that data is too valuable to leave unused and not contributed to AI-makers. Buying and selling data is then enabled but following a strict set of rules and royalty protocol. We believe only the data owner and Science deserve the values of data.

Try out BlockAI.Care

BlockAI.Care is now available for download on both Apple Store and Google Play Store as an AI wellness mobile application. With the Oraichain ecosystem's growing and matured infrastructure and modules, BlockAI.Care can expand its services and offer affordable and convenient healthcare solutions to everyone. To learn more about BlockAI.Care and its innovative healthcare services, visit the platform's official website and follow them on Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Youtube for the latest updates.

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