Vulcan Blockchain Is The Only Blockchain With Multiple Passive Income Streams

Vulcan Blockchain Is The Only Blockchain With Multiple Passive Income Streams

Blockchain technology has powered numerous decentralized systems that are actively disrupting traditional industries with each passing day. Vulcan Blockchain, a unique platform that not only offers cutting-edge features but also gives back automatic revenue to its native VUL coin holders, is one of the most recent and talked about innovations in this space.

With that in mind, Vulcan Blockchain is the first of its kind to distribute automatic revenue to its native VUL coin holders via three different passive income streams. Auto-rebasing at 44% APR, auto-compounding at 55% APY, and FixedFlex at 1% of all on-chain volume are among the income streams available. Furthermore, Vulcan Blockchain's PowerPool provides coin holders with 30-day distribution rewards of any unclaimed FixedFlex.


Vulcan Blockchain's auto-rebasing feature ensures that the value of its native coin (VUL) remains stable by automatically adjusting the coin's supply. This feature is a game changer in the crypto industry because it essentially eliminates one of the most infamously unpredictable aspects of crypto, volatility. Furthermore, it has a 44% APR (Annual Percentage Rate), making it a reliable and efficient source of passive income for coin holders.


Vulcan Blockchain also rewards its native coin holders with an auto-compounding feature that provides a 55% APY (Annual Percentage Yield). This feature reinvests interest earned from auto-staking automatically, thereby enabling coin holders to gradually earn more interest over time. By doing so, VUL coin holders can benefit from compounded returns, resulting in significant wealth growth.


Vulcan Blockchain's FixedFlex component distinguishes it from various other crypto as it enables VUL coin holders to earn 1% of all on-chain volume, regardless of whether they may be staking or not. This means that even if a coin holder does not choose to stake their coins, they can still earn passive income via this innovative feature. Every single VUL coin holder is entitled to claim FixedFlex every 24 hours for passive income.

What about PowerPool?

The Vulcan PowerPool is a 30-day total of unclaimed daily Flex rewards, aimed at promoting continued participation in the ecosystem. This signifies that rewards are not lost and may be reclaimed at a later time, thereby increasing ecosystem participation.

Vulcan is the first and only blockchain to establish this concept of returning revenue to native VUL token holders through this revolutionary process. The PowerPool is hence intended to encourage coin holders to keep their coins for longer periods of time, resulting in a more stable coin price and higher liquidity on the platform.

Put simply, the PowerPool is a completely new and radical method of earning passive income for VUL investors without relying on luck or chance, which greatly improves the investors' earning capabilities and assists them in generating a higher income more effectively and consistently.

Is Vulcan really worth it?

Vulcan Blockchain is a groundbreaking initiative being led by Bryan Legend which provides its coin holders with exclusive features and rewards. Its features such as auto-rebasing, auto-compounding, FixedFlex, and PowerPool offer various tried-and-tested ways of earning passive income, making it an appealing investment opportunity for crypto enthusiasts.

Investors can benefit from the stability of a fixed-price coin, compounded returns, and rewards for holding onto their coins with Vulcan Blockchain. As the platform grows and gains traction, it has the potential to become a major player in the cryptocurrency space for a long time to come.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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