Immutable Partners With Polygon For New zkEVM Ethereum Network

Immutable Partners With Polygon For New zkEVM Ethereum Network

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Web3 gaming company Immutable has entered into a strategic alliance with Layer-2 blockchain platform Polygon to work on a project that will onboard more gamers and developers into the Web3 space. 

Strategic Alliance Between Competing Networks

The strategic partnership between the two leading companies in the blockchain space is focused on creating a new Ethereum scaling network to pair the upcoming Polygon zkEVM with the Immutable platform designed for web3 games. The project seeks to accelerate innovation and adoption in the still-new crypto gaming space. 

The President of Polygon Labs, Ryan Wyatt, also shared his perspective on the partnership and its role in the future of web3. 

He said, 

“[Polygon is] a very clean, well-polished end-to-end solution and market for game developers and gamers. There’s been some skepticism about where this can go and what is it going to look like…now you’re going to see it go into overdrive these next couple of years…for me, this is like the next evolution of mainstream adoption. You’re already starting to see blockchain games with higher fidelity.” 

Immutable Platform To Scale Ethereum Transactions

Since the high traffic on the Ethereum blockchain often causes network congestion, adding to the overall costs, this partnership would help Immutable to launch its zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) on the Polygon blockchain. With Polygon’s zkEVM technology, transaction costs will be lowered without losing the Layer-1 Ethereum compatibility. 

As a result, this would make sure that upcoming games are much faster, easier, and pose less risk for gaming studios without Immutable having to build its own alternative blockchain. It will also encourage more independent developers to get involved in web3 gaming. 

Once Rivals, Now Partners

The partnership was revealed at the Game Developer Conference on Monday, where Immutable Co-founder and President Robbie Ferguson spoke at length on the matter, claiming that the partnership would combine the abilities and technologies of the two companies and result in a 100x to 1000x scaling of transactions. 

Although Immutable X and Polygon are competing scaling networks, both the presidents realized their common goal to scale Ethereum instead of competing against it as Layer-1 rivals. Therefore they joined forces to expand the capabilities of Ethereum instead of creating a new, custom network.  

Ferguson also said, 

“For us this is a pretty obvious play. We realized very quickly the scaling limitations of Ethereum, but we never wanted to compete with it…[That] made it a very easy philosophical alignment once we looked past the intense competition we'd had on the gaming front over the past couple of years.”

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