Gibraltar DLT Licensed Company Announces IEO With a Difference

Gibraltar DLT Licensed Company Announces IEO With a Difference

This month Silicon Valley Bank stole all the headlines with its untimely collapse, yet the timely rally of Bitcoin to over $26.5k this week and the announcement of the IEO on April 19th, 2023 could look to dominate the conversation in crypto next month. is a well-established company in the crypto space, with over 750 business clients and over $120 Million USD in transactions each month.   


New Regulatory Framework for Digital Assets  

Last year saw the fall of cryptocurrency giant Terra LUNA, a shock that initiated a cascade of several notable collapses, eventually culminating in the bankruptcy of the second largest (at the time) crypto exchange, FTX in November 2022. 

These failures proved a catalyst for regulators to step in and regain some semblance of control over the market, following a record-breaking bull run in 2021. As the dust settles, regulators across Asia, Europe, and the US are making moves to enforce significantly stricter digital asset legislation within their respective regions. 

Gibraltar DLT License Boost

With Europe's MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets) legislation's new framework for digital asset services imminent, any company that is properly regulated and licensed holds an advantage over the competition. With a Gibraltar DLT license and fully regulated by Gibraltar GFSC, Damex is an exciting enterprise that fits this description to a tee. 

The company is one of only 14 businesses in the world with the Gibraltar DLT license that allows companies to trade and have custody rights of DLT assets. Damex also boasts 5 years of industry success, strong revenues, and positive EBITA, and recently launched the Damex App in the UK and EEA as it gears up for a massive IEO on April 19th. 

Damex Smart Finance App

The Damex smart finance app (currently in beta) offers numerous functions that benefit individual users, including cross-border remittance, OTC desk services, cold storage, debit card programs, and IBAN number usage. 

Token staking will also qualify users for additional perks such as zero exchange fees, access to VIP Premium, cash back, and early access to new features. Of these new features, Damex has plans to roll out non-custodial wallets, as well as life and health insurance, loans, stock trading, and even NFTs trading. 

On the business side, companies can take advantage of a number of features including digital asset-to-fiat conversion, multi-currency solutions, and cross-border payments. The app also comes with fiat wallets and multiple-tier Damex Visa debit cards to match the needs of differently-sized companies. 

Not Your Average IEO
The Damex IEO starts on April 19th and is available to crypto enthusiasts globally, in line with regulatory compliance. The Presale will offer individuals in the crypto space a chance to join an exciting shift in the market, with an emphasis on security, rewards, and health. 

In addition to the interesting and unique nature of the project, the company's highly sought-after DLT licenses are a sign to potential IEO participants, investors, or partners of the project that Damex takes regulatory law extremely seriously. 

The Damex IEO will launch from the smart finance app and at least two launchpads. Follow the Damex official Twitter account and other social media channels for the launchpad announcement. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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