Buy Bitcoin before it becomes too expensive says Robert Kiyosaki

Buy Bitcoin before it becomes too expensive says Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad author and billionaire entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki has urged Twitter followers to buy Bitcoin, gold, silver, and top brands before they become too expensive.

In one of his latest Twitter posts, Robert Kiyosaki tweeted “Rising interest rates killing capitalism” and “Buy before systemic inflation is in control”. His recommendations of what to buy include bitcoin, gold, silver, and the rich brands.

Kiyosaki has never minced his words when referring to the monetary system and what he perceives as the rapidly falling value of the dollar and all other fiat currencies.

He has been scathing of the Federal Reserve, and other central banks, and has recommended that investors pull their cash out of the banking system and put it into “real money” such as gold, silver, and bitcoin.

Kiyosaki is aware that his tweets and podcasts often attract a lot of detractors, but says “even if you choke on my two emergency podcasts, please listen, then decide what you want to do.” He adds: 

“If you trust our government, banks & Wall Street PLEASE STOP FOLLOWING ME.”

Quite possibly, besides the recent podcasts, featuring Andy Schectman, many of the haters are upset with Kiyosaki’s oft-used phrase of DCB - Deception, Betrayal, and Collusion, which he accuses banks, Wall Street, and government of.

With recent bank failures, and the actions of the Federal Reserve and other central banks, in promising potentially trillions of dollars in value with which to prop up any other of the large to medium sized banks in difficulties, it’s not difficult to imagine that Kiyosaki’s voice will sit well with investors and depositors who have much to gain or lose.

Kiyosaki has made himself a fortune by investing in real-estate and has protected himself by buying all the assets, such as bitcoin, gold, and silver, which he is recommending to his followers.

The same banks and financial organisations that Kiyosaki is deriding, will no doubt be concerned that such a well-respected financial guru is taking them to task. However, more important is that this man’s practical, albeit unpalatable views, are seen and heard by the common investor.

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