PolygonScan Explorer Experiences Node Sync Errors

PolygonScan Explorer Experiences Node Sync Errors

Polygon blockchain explorer PolygonScan recently went into a brief, caused by a sync error on the Polygon mainnet.

According to statements from PolygonScan, the explorer appeared to have no transactions getting executed at all, a state which caused confusion across Polygon's networks and users. This prompted Polygon chief Sandeep Nailwal to issue a statement on the matter, suggesting the use of OKLink, an alternative blockchain explorer.

Polygon, however, was quick to douse the fire. A Polygon spokesperson has clarified that its block production did not stop and that the issue was simply over some nodes not syncing. The spokesperson also acknowledged that there may have been a degradation in the network's performance. Only PolygonScan was affected, and not the entire platform. PolygonScan has since been operational and has shown that the issue might have been due to an issue with block reorganization that caused the nodes to go out of sync.

Analyses of the network revealed that a reshuffle of 157 blocks was required to reorganize Polygon. “About 8:26 UTC, a few nodes went out of sync. This caused a reaction where some nodes could not validate blocks for a very brief period of time,” a Polygon spokesperson stated, adding that it was possible that "a degradation in network performance" was experienced for a brief period, impacting other infrastructures dependent on Polygon. A reshuffle size of 157 blocks requires a manual restoration of the chain history, based on off-chain backups.

CryptoDaily recently covered how Polygon announced that it was laying off 20% of its workforce to consolidate its efforts. Outages are not new to Polygon, of course. Wary users might recall that just last year (March 2022), Polygon went down for over 11 hours due to a technical upgrade.

Some crypto Twitter critics have also been speculating that the sync errors were somehow connected with the massive lay-off just days ago. This hasn't been substantiated, though, as search results from OKLink show a continuous function for the Polygon mainnet. There has been no statement from Polygon to confirm whether the outage was indeed related to the lay-offs or if its internal operations have been affected.

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