Betts issues RecruitCoin to disrupt the recruitment sector

Betts issues RecruitCoin to disrupt the recruitment sector

Cryptocurrencies are on their way to solving problems in many sectors across most industries. Now RecruitCoin is about to become the first cryptocurrency with a solid use case for disruption of the recruitment industry.

Up to now, rewarding network participants with gift cards and not so well thought out referral programs haven’t really done what they set out to do, which was to properly incentivize the participants so that they stay in the network, and that they actively work to bring others in.

Betts Recruiting,a leading recruitment firm with thousands of clients across the technology space, is prioritising technology, specifically from the cryptocurrency sector, to help it to keep its professionals, use them to attract others, and as a consequence, grow its Connect talent network.

With today’s new launch, whenever a new participant signs up for Betts Connect, they receive RecruitCoin for doing so. By referring others to join the talent network they receive more RecruitCoin. 

Those who work to engage and bring others into the Betts Connect talent pool are rewarded, and as those who they’ve brought in engage with the Connect network, the referrer can also benefit from earning residual RecruitCoin.

As well as referrals, the type of engagement that qualifies for RecruitCoin rewards is specified as; responding to new job opportunities, interviewing, and getting placed.

Betts is currently working with Earnity in order to provide other ways in which holders of RecruitCoin can exchange it for tangible rewards.

Carolyn Betts, Founder and CEO of Betts Recruiting commented: 

“We are so thrilled to announce the launch of RecruitCoin. We believe that the recruitment process as a whole is in need of innovation in order to continue to build trust. Betts is changing the landscape of recruiting by being the first recruit-tech company that compensates people for their engagement, referrals, and data. RecruitCoin positions Betts at the forefront of this transformation, as blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies play a crucial role in shaping the future of the recruitment industry as a whole.” 

Should Betts Recruiting be successful in implementing RecruitCoin into its talent network, and those who receive and use it recognise the utilities that it brings and seek the rewards that it offers, then RecruitCoin has the potential to really kickstart the recruiting industry.

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