Altcoins go green with AI tokens leading the way

Altcoins go green with AI tokens leading the way

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The crypto recovery is still very much alive. Most alts are in the green today with AI projects ripping higher.

After a couple of days of downside with perhaps some investors a little uneasy on whether the rally will continue, Tuesday has dawned fine and bright with the most delicious green hue.

Altcoins have picked up again with the vast majority of the space in the green. Perhaps the DXY Dollar Index meeting with resistance at 103.5 is enough to allow the alts to continue their run again.

The narrative is AI

But the narrative that is really coming to the boil right now is artificial intelligence. The AI crypto projects have been running with gay abandon ever since the beginning of the year, and no other crypto niche has come anywhere near to equaling it.

SingularityAI ($AGIX)

SingularityNet ($AGIX) has been the leader in this titanic move, with a 1237% price rise since the beginning of the year. $AGIX is up again today, climbing as high as 41% in the morning, before falling to its current level of 26% higher at $0.54. There could still be a little left in the tank as $AGIX pushes towards its all-time high of $0.66.

Fetch.AI ($FET)

Fetch.AI is pretty much in lockstep with SingularityNet as it matches it for price today. 570% up since January 1, and 1027% up since its late November bottom, $FET is also a rocket ship. So far today it has put on around 40% before falling back slightly, perhaps for another push higher. 

Ocean ($Ocean)

Ocean is another AI token to be reckoned with. It has pushed hard since the year’s beginning in order to mark a gain of 261%. It has climbed 30% on the day so far.

The Graph ($GRT)

The Graph ($GRT) is the largest cap of all the AI crypto projects. It is up 225% since January 1 and has made as much as 40% gains so far today. It’s currently at a price of $0.17, and there isn’t much in the way of resistance up above until $0.30.

Artificial Liquid Intelligence ($ALI)

Artificial Liquid Intelligence ($ALI) is a relatively recent crypto AI project, having launched in early 2022. This token has really hit the afterburners since the beginning of the year with a 1730% gain. Its $0.11 price high today is not far away from its $0.135 high.

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