Adaswap TVL soars past 150k after launch of DEX while offering high APR

Adaswap TVL soars past 150k after launch of DEX while offering high APR

The crypto markets are starting to face an upturn as Bitcoin steadily rises to show a positive comeback for crypto. Cardano has also gained a lot of interest over the release of its new stablecoin DJED, one of the projects that have been grabbing a lot of attention in the Cardano ecosystem along with the upcoming launch of DJED is AdaSwap. 

AdaSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Cardano’s first Layer 2 scalable solution, Milkomeda. They allow for peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in a secure, trustless, and decentralized manner. The lightning-fast and user-orientated platform provides a smooth and awesome trading experience in the Cardano ecosystem while other DEXs in the space struggle to keep up with the trading speeds of AdaSwap. AdaSwap is developing tools for creators and users to better explore the Cardano ecosystem, as well as bringing high-yield staking pools and NFT content through our launchpads and marketplaces.

AdaSwap has also recently released LP pools which have led to the DEX taking market share in the Cardano LP space through its high APR offerings. AdaSwap has pools offering up to 105% APR, which is a very attractive offer for retail investors looking to grow their wealth. 

“We’re excited for the growth of AdaSwap,” said Yida Gao, founder and Managing General Partner of Shima Capital. “The Cardano community have been longing for more DeFi optionality and AdaSwap’s DEX is poised to lead the charge.”

The CEO of AdaSwap, Itay Levy, had this to say: “AdaSwap has always been able to stand out in the space as a leading project because all of the work and development is done in-house, we have a world-class development team working for AdaSwap and this gives us an advantage over our competitors. The next stage of AdaSwap is very exciting for us as we have a lot of amazing partnerships in the works and some really cool developments that we are looking forward to sharing with our community.” 

The development of the platform is ongoing with new updates and features that are continually being added to the AdaSwap platform. AdaSwap is currently focused on new trading pairs, improvements to the user interface, and increased liquidity on the exchange. Additionally, AdaSwap is exploring integrating new technologies such as cross-chain compatibility functions and AML 3rd layer security checks to enhance security and usability on the platform. 

AdaSwap is also running a BizDev Affiliates program inviting the community to work with them. Currently, AdaSwap is aiming to increase its Liquidity Pools (LP) through over-the-counter (OTC) liquidity provision. This is done through a partnership with other projects that have a token. AdaSwap has an open call to anyone that can help create strategic partnerships for AdaSwap granting the affiliate a reward equivalent to a portion of the closed deal. 

About AdaSwap

AdaSwap is an ecosystem and one of the first DEX to launch on the Cardano network layer 2 solution Milkomeda. The AdaSwap DEX makes it easy to swap cryptocurrency tokens; create, buy and sell NFTs; launch new projects, and stake funds in liquidity pools to earn fees on the Cardano blockchain.

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