Twitter Unveils Crypto and Stock Charts

Twitter Unveils Crypto and Stock Charts

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Twitter Business on Thursday unveiled price chart support for major crypto and stock assets.

Twitter on Thursday revealed a new feature called $Cashtags, with price chart support for major cryptocurrency and stock assets. Tech billionaire and Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, shared a feature designed specifically for the financial sector, with particular benefit for traders, financial experts, investors, and organisations. $Cashtags helps users see graphs, charts, and other data of stocks, cryptos, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) within a tweet.

The official Twitter Business account said:

When you Tweet the symbol of a major stock, ETF, or cryptocurrency with a $ in front of it (like $BTC), people on Twitter see a clickable link that takes them to search results. Starting today, these search results will include the pricing graphs for major symbols.

It further added:

You can also search for symbols directly, without clicking on a link within a Tweet. Most symbols with and without the $ sign will work in search (QQQ or $QQQ).

To unlock the new feature, users can click on $BTC and $ETH or search for any crypto asset. A link – ‘View on Robinhood’- will take users to the wallet provider. The addition of a linkage to Robinhood may signal the possibility of a future partnership between the two firms, but no official announcement has been made.

Could This Be a Hint at Integrating Crypto Payments?

Elon Musk praised the team at Twitter and commented that this is just “one of many product improvements coming to financial Twitter!”

Musk has in the past indicated that his personal crypto holdings consist of only Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin (DOGE) and since his takeover of Twitter, Doge holders have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of a payments integration. The tech mogul however announced that he is stepping down as chief of Twitter, and Dogecoin has naturally responded negatively in the market after it outperformed the market in November not long after the Tesla CEO acquired Twitter for $44 billion in October.

A lawsuit was also filed in September accusing Musk of running a pyramid scheme to support DOGE.

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