What’s the problem with Aptos?

What’s the problem with Aptos?

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The Aptos Layer-1 blockchain launch has not been particularly successful thus far. Few transactions per second and less than ideal tokenomics are just two problems for the much-vaunted project to overcome.

With a valuation of $1 billion and heavyweight venture capital backing, the Aptos Layer-1 blockchain is supposed to be the new competitor to Ethereum and Solana. Crypto transactions on the new Layer-1 are supposed to be fast and cheap.

Transaction speed

However, things have not started so well and the supposedly super-fast Layer-1 blockchain is currently only processing around 30 transactions a second

Bitcoin does around 7 tps, while Ethereum is doing up to 30 tps or so. Both nothing to write home about, but Bitcoin is more about security and decentralisation, while Ethereum has yet to integrate technology such as sharding which will make it much faster.

Solana is arguably one of the biggest competitors to Ethereum, and if you discard the fair few occasions when the Solana network has gone down, its transactions per second figure (TPS) is currently around 3,700, which although nowhere near what it needs to be, still knocks the likes of Ethereum out of the park.


It’s not just transaction speed where Aptos is failing to impress either. Tokenomics are an extremely important consideration for investors to take into account before deciding whether to invest, and the Aptos tokenomics do not inspire huge confidence.

With a supply of just over 1 trillion, an estimated 821 billion has been staked. It could be quite likely that most of the supply is controlled by the team and VC investors. These investors will be looking to book their profits, and so this is all likely to impact the price of the Aptos token.

Arthur Hayes, the Bitmex co-founder, was less than complimentary about Aptos, and after saying “is this the newest biggest layer-1 shitcoin? I can’t wait to find out,” he retweeted:

The Aptos token was listed at just under $14 and has lost considerable value so far, 43% down on the day so far. It’s currently trading at $7.80 according to CoinGecko.

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