Indian Police Partners With Polygon To Launch Complaints Portal

Indian Police Partners With Polygon To Launch Complaints Portal

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Police in the Indian city of Firozabad have taken a step towards embracing blockchain technology, partnering with Polygon to launch a complaints portal powered by the Polygon blockchain. 

The new blockchain=powered complaints portal allows the city’s residents to register complaints without fear of being dismissed or manipulated. 

Blockchain And The Police

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal has announced that the Firozabad police has launched a complaints portal powered by the polygon blockchain. The complaints portal will be a valuable tool for the police in the fight against crime and corruption within the local administration. The move is significant as it marks the first time law enforcement in India will be using emerging technologies such as blockchain. In a statement on Twitter, the portal will help the police register complaints and aid them in criminal investigations. 

IPS Officer Ashish Tiwari stated,

“Using emerging technologies like blockchain, a pilot portal,, has been launched, which is free of cost, dedicated to the city. The benefit of using Blockchain is that the complaints registered on it can’t be tampered with as data recorded is immutable and transparent.”

Police Complaints Registered On Blockchain 

The blockchain-based complaints portal uses the OxPolygon modular blockchain, one of the world’s leading blockchain platforms, part of a global and sustainable Web 3.0 ecosystem created on Ethereum. The Polygon blockchain offers a host of secure, affordable, fast, and energy-efficient solutions and use cases, including the one used by the Firozabad police. 

Polygon’s modular blockchain offers a customized network for specialized functionalities, offering a customized network for specific functionality. In the case of the portal, once the grievance is registered, the system will generate a unique number. It will also generate an automated acknowledgment of the receipt of the complaint through SMS and email. 

IPS Ashish Tiwari further added that police stations would also be given a QR code. Once scanned, complainants will be directed to the grievance form, which they must fill out. The portal is inclusive of Airchain, which allows users to run blockchain networks with customizable features. 

Polygon’s Involvement In The Initiative 

Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon and an Indian national, replied to the tweet by the Firozabad police, stating, 

“This is very close to my heart. We grow up hearing about so many such cases wherein, due to some corruption in a local police department, victims(mostly of rapes) are not even able to register complaints, or the complaints being manipulated. With an FIR(first information report) going on blockchain, specifically, if people can get an online platform to file these with their identity, no lower-level officers can deny the FIR. This could be a game-changer in ensuring the right to justice.”

Crypto Community Lauds Initiative 

The larger crypto community also picked up the announcement by the Firozabad police. Many in the community have hailed the news as a great moment for the citizens of Firozabad, blockchain technology, and Polygon. Twitter user Srinigoes called the move an “amazing initiative,” stating, 

“This is an amazing initiative. To get the complaints registered on the blockchain. At least the blockchain will ensure transparency. The biggest problem in the interiors of India was whoever registered the FIR (First Information Report) first had first mover advantage.”

Founder of crypto education startup and Web 3.0-focused platform, Bitinning, Kashif Raza, added that Polygon powering the complaints portal would make registered complaints verifiable, thanking the police for the initiative.

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