CEEK and Draper University's new 'hacker house' is out

CEEK and Draper University's new 'hacker house' is out

Metaverse developer CEEK has announced a new initiative in partnership with Draper University to create a "hacker house" on DraperU's campus in Silicon Valley inhibited by virtual reality builders and game developers. The selected group of 20 VR and/or game developers will live on campus and work on building "experimental destinations for the CEEK Metaverse."

Dubbed "House of CEEK," the program is currently accepting applications for proposed metaverse assets related to entertainment, such as music venues, and will select the top 20 winners to come to the hacker house at Draper University to build their designs. 

Once at Draper University, the top 20 applicants will spend four weeks designing and building their metaverse destinations. The top three designs will receive prizes in cash, CEEK tokens and virtual land — with $50K in cash and $50K equivalent in CEEK tokens/land for first place, $25K in cash and $25K equivalent in tokens/land for second place, and $10K in cash and $10K equivalent in tokens/land for third place. While CEEK will cover residency costs, chosen applicants are responsible for their own flights and meals — and it should be noted that all of the participants' work produced during the four-week program will become the "sole and exclusive property of CEEK."

Draper University, a for-profit school located at the historic Hotel Benjamin Franklin in the heart of Silicon Valley, was established in 2012 by venture capitalist and crypto-enthusiast Tim Draper. After earning accreditation through a partnership with Arizona State University in 2016, the entrepreneurial-focused curriculum uses innovative educational environments in both physical and virtual settings. 

In the press release for the CEEK–DraperU partnership, Tim Draper hinted about the launch of a virtual campus for Draper University, presumably within the CEEK metaverse: 

"The Metaverse has the ability to completely change entertainment and education as we know it. At Draper University we are incredibly excited to partner with CEEK to both support their growth, with a first-of-its-kind VR Builder Hacker House and to launch our virtual campus, adding a new dimension to entrepreneurial education."

Adding a virtual campus for Draper University inside the CEEK metaverse would constitute a big win for CEEK. Over the past few years, interest and investment in the metaverse and its development have skyrocketed, with metaverse platforms scurrying to secure high-profile brand partnerships, attract top developer talent, and build compelling user experiences. CEEK has already hosted live concerts in its metaverse with performers such as Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley and The Game. CEEK CEO Mary Spio, however, sees the DraperU program as the next step in developing CEEK's metaverse. According to the press release:

"We are excited to partner with Draper University for the ability to tap into their network and expertise in accelerating blockchain ecosystems. The novelty of creating a hacker house style program for builders on campus with a truly vibrant cohort just made sense. In addition to building entertainment properties in the metaverse, we are excited about how learning experiences will take shape." 

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