The Metable Project: Leveraging Blockchain, VR, and Metaverse to Transform Online Education

The Metable Project: Leveraging Blockchain, VR, and Metaverse to Transform Online Education

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While the online education industry is speculated to reach the $199 billion mark by 2030, the sector faces a few challenges that could hinder this growth. Amongst these obstacles are a lack of proper incentives for educators, a dearth of social interaction, and rising costs. These sticking points, according to experts, have halted imminent expansion, prompting the need for a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective solution. 

Thanks to the advent of these new technologies—blockchain, VR, and metaverse—a plethora of projects have launched to address and eliminate these obstacles, Metable is one such. 

Metable is a Swiss-based company committed to revolutionizing the online education industry by integrating blockchain technology and virtual reality (VR). 

The Metable Project 

Metable is a revolutionary metaverse platform that aims to create a virtual world based on blockchain technology. It seeks to transform the online education sector into an incentive-driven, interaction-based, and low-cost market. By combining metaverse, blockchain, and VR, the project hopes to empower educators, students, and creators with new windows of opportunities for business, earning, social interaction, etc. 

The founders envision a world where eager students and educators are brought together by utilizing the immense potential of blockchain and 3D virtual reality. Metable hopes to offer an enthralling, immersive social interaction experience between teachers and students. This newfangled approach will greatly enhance learning by delivering a sublime interactive experience with little to no distractions. 

By integrating blockchain technology, Metable presents a sustainable approach to eliminating the incentive problem. For the first time, digital courses can be bought, studied, and resold like books, allowing learners to reduce costs while enabling course creators to earn passive income and royalties through future resales. Certain limited edition courses designed by top experts in respective fields will, like other digital assets, appreciate over time. It doesn't end there. Potential entrepreneurs looking to earn income can purchase virtual plots of land and buildings for future rental or speculative purposes. 

Having completed land sales in 2022 and 2023, the Metable team is working actively to bring this vision to life with the launch of the first playable version scheduled for March 2024. However, before this proposed release, Metable is kicking off its special limited token pre-sale. 

Metable’s Special Limited Token Pre-sale 

Slated for kick-off this week, the limited token pre-sale will see the Metable tokens sell at a reasonably lower price than the official listing. The pre-sale is divided into 30 rounds with specific quantities of tokens available for sale at a fixed price. After each round, sales automatically move to the next round until all 30 rounds are exhausted. 

According to the team, 100,000,000 Metable tokens (10% of the maximum supply) have been set aside for this pre-sale with a fundraising goal of $1,525,000. The funds generated from the sale will go directly towards creating viral marketing campaigns and future technological developments. 

Starting from the first round, only 500,000 Metable tokens are available for sale at a significantly low price of $0.005 with a profit margin of over 500%, a higher percentage compared to the expected listing price of $0.03. With each round, the token prices will automatically increase until it reaches the $0.0195 mark in the final round. Additionally, the limited token pre-sale does not have a vesting period, meaning that they become instantly tradeable at the time of listing. 

In addition to impressive profit margins, participants will also benefit from staking functionality—they can earn more tokens in the months preceding the pre-sale. Metable tokens will be duly listed on top exchanges at the end of the final pre-sale round. 

Will Metable be the next big thing? 

Besides revolutionizing the online education industry and delivering a sustainable passive income option for entrepreneurs, teachers, and students alike, Metablepossesses the quality to be the next big thing in the crypto space. At the time of listing, Metable’s market cap will be over $8 million, therefore meaning that if it achieves a market cap of $1 billion or more, investors would've made a whopping profit margin of 125x. 

By purchasing Metable’s utility-replete tokens in the upcoming limited pre-sale, investors could see astronomically higher returns than they may have ever envisaged. 

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