Maincard brings fantasy sports to Polygon with its alpha launch

Maincard brings fantasy sports to Polygon with its alpha launch

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Sports fans have something to cheer about as Maincard looks set to bring various fantasy sports to the Polygon network. The Web3 platform is launching its alpha version — dubbed the "testnet" — on the Ethereum scaling solution on September 20, 2022, ahead of the full version's scheduled November release. 

Maincard is also appealing to would-be players to help ensure the platform is bug-free by awarding a massive $500,000 in non-fungible tokens to its alpha testers. 


Watch matches and compete with Maincard

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that gaming will fuel blockchain technology's eventual mass adoption. Maincard, a Web3 startup focused on fantasy sports, is among them. 

The company is hoping to catch the attention of the estimated $20.14 billion global fantasy sports market with its blockchain-based take on the popular pastime. The platform is due to launch its alpha version on the full-stack Ethereum scaling network Polygon on September 20. Following an initial 24-hour testing period, the full version's release is expected this November.

As cited in a press release detailing the testnet launch, Val Maincard, platform CEO and founder, stated:

"Blockchain technology is not moving anywhere with 0.5% of the population using it. We're here to bring 3 billion sports fans into the world of Web3."

Maincard will enable users to watch eSports, MMA and football matches in real time while making predictions on final outcomes and player performances. The platform's waitlist has already attracted 10,000 signups, and the press release claims exciting sports brand and league partners will be announced soon. 

Maincard's action centers around the platform's in-game currency, Maincards, which are NFTs, and prizes will be paid in both cryptocurrency and NFTs. Maincards can be bought and sold on the platform's marketplace or used to place wagers on future sporting fixtures. 


Test Maincard, win NFT prizes

To ensure the platform is bug-free, Maincard will encourage would-be players to help with testing. As a reward, those participating will receive a share of a $500,000 prize fund, which will be distributed after the 24-hour testing period concludes. 

Prizes will consist of Common, Rare and Epic Maincards, which the press release claims will cost $10, $100 and $1,000, respectively, once the game's full version is live. Those wishing to participate can register their interest via the project's website. To be eligible for rewards, testers must complete a form detailing any bugs and making suggestions for improvements. 

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