How Jelurida Takes Contract Bridge Into The Modern Era With Blockchain Technology

How Jelurida Takes Contract Bridge Into The Modern Era With Blockchain Technology

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The game of bridge has been top-rated among millions of players for centuries. However, there is an offshoot called contract bridge, played by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and others. Bridge Champ platform will support Contract Bridge and provide a dedicated online platform for club tournaments. 


The Bridge Champ Vision

Bringing the popular bridge game into the digital world had not been attempted before, yet the use of blockchain technology - in this case, the Ardor stack - enables digitalization and globalization. Furthermore, Jelurida's solution offers a suitable web and mobile application where bridge enthusiasts can participate in tournaments, club activities, etc. 

Using blockchain technology brings bridge to a global online audience but also introduces other benefits. For example, all game achievements are recorded on the blockchain for additional transparency. In addition, Bridge Champ enables players to earn tokens by playing in tournaments. Those tokens can provide benefits through third-party service providers. Furthermore, Bridge Champ is a social network evolving around the game of bridge. 


The launch of Bridge Champ has been successful, and the focus on contract bridge has become more outspoken. More specifically, the project sponsored a contract bridge tournament in Israel, attended by over 1,000 players. All players got hands-on experience with Bridge Champ and its opportunity to play online bridge with undisputable and transparent moves and outcomes. 


Why Focus On Contract Bridge?

The contract bridge game revolves around a trick-based card game in which four players compete. Two players sit opposite each other to play two other participants. Every contract bridge game consists of two phases: the bidding phase and the play phase. During the bidding phase, the contract is created to determine how many tricks the declaring pair will take together. In addition, the play part comprises 13 tricks in each scored by one of the playing pairs. In the end, the outcome of the play is compared to the bidding contract to determine the game score. 

On the surface, there is a significant luck factor in contract bridge. However, that element can be negated by comparing the performance of different pairs across various tables to the pairs in the same positions while playing the same deal of cards. As such, a lucky deal of cards will give the same opportunities to all compared pairs. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, contract bridge was primarily played in offline tournaments. Thanks to its growing popularity worldwide and the difficulty in organizing physical tournaments, an online iteration has become in high demand. Although there are a few existing online platforms for contract bridge, they are often outdated on the user interface and overall experience front. Jelurida identified this opportunity as a way to expand the appeal of Bridge Champ and enable it to help beginners learn the rules.


Looking Toward The Future

The Jelurida team wants to further enhance the appeal and possibilities of Bridge Champ by introducing a tournament system later in 2022. These tournaments will pit players together and introduce a rewards system. That may include non-fungible tokens (NFTs) tracking game achievements, along with other prizes in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Currently, Bridge Champ lets players play against bots - very useful for novices and single-players - and will introduce higher levels of gaming over time. In addition, Jelurida is confident they can introduce a token model to casual gamers, with Bridge Champ serving as the flagship solution.

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