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The Perfect Investment for New Crypto Investors are Gnox Token (GNOX) and Solana (SOL)

The Perfect Investment for New Crypto Investors are Gnox Token (GNOX) and Solana (SOL)

If you’re a newcomer to cryptocurrency investing, you are probably looking first at the top bluechip names: Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, while the most popular crypto assets, there are some that might offer first-time investors a much larger upside than either ETH or BTC. 

To minimize your risk and maximize your rewards consider investing in Layer 1 blockchains that are steadily catching up to Ethereum — such as Solana (SOL). Or invest in tokens that are designed specifically to minimize risks and maximize returns — such as Gnox Token (GNOX).  

Let’s delve into each of these opportunities and see why they might be the perfect crypto vehicles for long-term investors. 

Solana (SOL)

Solana is one of Ethereum’s biggest competitors. This smart contract blockchain offers everything that Ethereum offers but with much faster transaction speeds and far lower fees. 

Solana is custom-built for DeFi applications such as crypto exchanges, lending and borrowing platforms, and NFTs, as well as distributed organizations and decentralized applications. 

Recently, the Solanart NFT marketplace was launched on the Solana blockchain quickly becoming the largest non-Ethereum NFT marketplace. Moreover, OpenSea recently added Solana NFTs to their marketplace — the world’s largest.

Although $SOL has seen a substantial drop in price over the past 8 months (along with all other altcoins), the asset has rewarded early adopters with over 12,000% gains. Moreover, its price is still up about 150% from this time last year. (Compare that to something like an S&P 500 index fund which is up about 13% since this time last year.) 

The two things that make Solana a good bet for new crypto investors are simple: 1) The blockchain is expected to be around for a long time time to come. And 2) As Solana gains ground on Ethereum it promises to provide outsized returns by comparison. 

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox Token is another crypto asset that might be a good bet for newbies. In fact, GNOX tokenomics have been specially designed to simplify DeFi investing, minimize the risk of loss of capital, and maximize returns. 

Gnox is not a blockchain. It’s a token that runs on the Binance blockchain. (Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange by daily volume.) But it’s not just any token. GNOX is a DeFi utility token. Its innovative “yield farming as a service” business model was developed to streamline and simplify yield farming while producing continuous gains. 

Here’s how it works: Every GNOX sale comes with a 10% “tax.” This tax makes the token unattractive to day traders and swing traders thus reducing short-term volatility. Out of the 10%, 6% goes into a treasury. Funds are then deployed by experienced DeFi analysts to a diverse variety of yield-farming opportunities to generate low-risk passive income. Also, 1% is redistributed among current GNOX holders thus incentivizing early adoption and long-term holding. The remaining 3% is used for marketing and operations.

Gnox offers a simple strategy that has already attracted retail and institutional investors, some of whom have already seen gains of greater than 50%. That is in spite of the fact that the platform hasn’t even launched yet. Gnox is currently in presale mode. The platform officially launches on July 18th. 

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