How Ankr Integrates as Optimism’s Public RPC Endpoint To Boost Capacity

How Ankr Integrates as Optimism’s Public RPC Endpoint To Boost Capacity

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Optimism has become of great interest to many cryptocurrency users, primarily due to the recent token airdrop. However, the Layer-2 scaling solution also helps advance the Ethereum network. Ankr's support as an additional RPC provider, will boost the Optimism network appeal will increase further. 

Optimism Is A Powerful Solution

Although Ethereum remains the leading ecosystem for blockchain development across core verticals - DeFi, gaming, and other dApps - it is subject to technical bottlenecks. Users often face high network fees and a slow throughput, making it tricky for builders to optimize the user experience. Scaling solutions, such as Optimism, help address those shortcomings and provide the benefits users and builders require.

The Optimism Layer-2 scaling solution differentiates itself by using optimistic rollups. As a result, it increases transaction throughput and reduces fees significantly. All transaction data is submitted to Ethereum, yet the transaction processing occurs off-chain. Moreover, Optimism still benefits from Ethereum's top-tier security properties. Optimism's solution has saved users over $1 billion in gas fees.

OP Labs Head of Engineering Matthew Slipper states:

Apps and integrations choose to build in the Optimism ecosystem because they feel aligned with our values and culture and appreciate the tooling and technical options available to them. In response to requests from our community, we’re excited to offer Ankr as an additional Optimism RPC provider.”

These RPC providers play an instrumental role in ensuring Optimism is a distributed network capable of handling any theoretical load. Moreover, the support by Ankr will enhance low-latency and reliable connections for developers building new tools, products, and services for Optimism. Additionally, node operators can earn ANKR tokens by adding their nodes to Ankr's load balancer. Those incentives will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Ankr Is An RPC Powerhouse

Supporting the Optimism Layer-2 solution is another feather in the cap for Ankr. The world's fastest-growing Web3 infrastructure provider is an RPC provider to 17 different blockchains and networks. That list includes Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, Avalanche, and Optimism. RPC endpoints are essential to ensure applications can interact with the blockchain for various purposes. 

Ankr Chief Marketing Officer Greg Gopman adds:

We love what Optimism is building for the future of Ethereum. Ankr is happy to do our part to provide a fast and reliable RPC service for their users."

The support by Ankr will help Optimism achieve broader traction. Ankr's infrastructure has been battle-tested and processes roughly 6 billion blockchain requests per day across over 50 networks. Moreover, its high-performance infrastructure can handle any request load, providing virtually limitless scaling potential to Optimism's public RPC resources. 

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