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VIDT Datalink bNFT technology innovates on the concept of Digital Twins

VIDT Datalink bNFT technology innovates on the concept of Digital Twins

As the infrastructure gets built out in tomorrow’s metaverse, VIDT Datalink is pioneering the next iteration of technology that will link items in the real world with those on web3 platforms. 

VIDT Datalink is a true pioneer in coming up with the technology and the use cases that will enable our real world to be copied and twinned with items that will exist in virtual worlds.

Luxury goods are an excellent use case on which to apply VIDT’s backed NFT (bNFT) technology. As it stands, the bNFT provides proof-of-authenticity and proof-of-ownership. 

It has already been applied to the luxury watch market whereby VIDT Datalink secured high value Rolexes and other watches in the Midas Metaverse Collection, by connecting them to unique NFTs that confirm their authenticity, provenance, and ownership. Each NFT is now ‘backed’ by the real world asset.

VIDT Datalink believes that it is pioneering this new world of NFT technology, just as it was the first company to secure a grand master when Rembrandt’s “The virgin and child in the clouds” was authenticated and stored on the blockchain, proving its authenticity forever.

New use case

So, in its role of pioneering the furthermost frontiers of NFTs, VIDT Datalink has chosen a new use case for its bNFT technology - that of the luxury car, in the form of a Mclaren 675LT supercar.

Here, VIDT Datalink is using its state-of-the-art blockchain tech to bridge the real and the digital worlds and create an NFT-Claim - a unique digital identity that is valid in both.

By doing so, it is improving on the concept of the ‘Digital Twin’. In the real world the owner of the Mclaren 675LT has undisputed proof-of-ownership and proof-of-authenticity through the VIDT Datalink bNFT, while in the virtual world, the owner also has these proofs plus the utility of the car for any app or website that supports web3.

VIDT pioneers the future of NFT technology

VIDT Datalink is always looking to push out the frontiers of NFTs by finding innovative ways to use its technology in order to get a footing in new markets and thereby create new business opportunities.

The proof of concept that VIDT Datalink is creating with the twinning of a luxury car in both real and digital worlds allows it to set the precedent of just what a Digital Twin can look like, and how it can be used.

Once the precedent is proved, it can open the technology up to many new use cases such as:

  • Yachts and luxury boats
  • High fashion
  • Real estate
  • Even businesses and people

VIDT Datalink will continue its pioneering work, experimenting with new use cases. This should help to cement its place as one of the foremost leaders in this field. It could be said that the company is already possibly 2 years ahead of the rest of the pack, and this should give VIDT Datalink the time to refine its tech and establish itself as a world leader in the innovative use of NFTs for web3.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice