Metabloqs Announces Launch of New XDC Blockchain-based Metaverse Project

Metabloqs Announces Launch of New XDC Blockchain-based Metaverse Project

The term "Metaverse" was all the rage in 2021, but as the dust cleared, several outstanding initiatives emerged. Metabloqs is one of the newer names in the Web 3 sector. With the help of individuals from all walks of life, Metabloqs is creating an entirely new metaverse. Recently, Switzerland-based Metabloqs has announced the debut of its Metaverse project where users can do a variety of things, including owning virtual land, constructing businesses on the metaverse, renting their properties, visiting museums, parties, concerts, cinemas and more.


If you want to learn a new skill, network with other trusted users, get advice or have fun at events, concerts, or virtual workout activities - Metabloqs is the place to be. 

Metabloqs introduces a world where users may create, control, and monetize their own experiences. To access the Metaverse, citizens of Metabloqs are given an avatar to purchase land and rare products as NFTs and build their dream projects (such as a penthouse, office, shopping center, fun parks, etc) - all based on the XinFin blockchain. XinFin (XDC Network) is an enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain that blends the capabilities of public and private blockchains with interoperable Smart Contracts. XDC Network is one of the fastest growing ecosystems that consumes low energy and provides high transactions per second (2000 TPS) at near-zero (0.000002USD) gas fees. 

An estimated 25,000 students at eight institutions in Switzerland, Germany, and Canada have already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Metabloqs. Students, corporate employees and networkers, and amateur architects will find everything they need here, as well as developers, blockchain and NFT enthusiasts.

Unique digital items such as cars, buildings, pets, etc. populate the Metaverse Metabloqs. It is a place where people can interact with each other in a trustworthy way, find experts, get advice, rate each other and get rewards. One can choose from a variety of different clothes and hairstyles to personalize their avatar. All community members get avatars and can personalize their avatar and extend it even further with upgrades.

In the digital world, Metabloqs pushes the limits and makes it available to everyone. Metabloqs will build an entirely new metaverse economy to address the current metaverse deficit. The platform incentivizes trusted relationships. Even while the project is still young, breaking into the ecosystem will become harder as time goes on. Metabloqs Rare Assets, NFT Land, and XDC Tokens(top 100 coins ranked on CoinMarketCap) are available only to the first 5000 Metabloqs residents that register and join. 

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