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 Token Traxx announces sale of its network tokens

 Token Traxx announces sale of its network tokens

Token||Traxx has announced the sale of their network token that will take place on the 14th March 2022. The aim of the TokenIITraxx platform and marketplace is to find new ways  to create, curate and collect music using NFTs, enabling true creative freedom in music and enhancing the value of music through NFTs.

The Token||Traxx network token will be generated on Ethereum to maximise exposure and will bridge to the high-performance, high-security blockchain, Zilliqa, on which the marketplace will be built. The tokens will be available for purchase and will enable users to create, acquire and sell music-related NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) using the Token||Traxx marketplace.

Token||Traxx is being developed by music industry leaders who understand what drives artists’ creativity and the benefits of having a community of independent minds. Contributors include Richard Zijlma, who ran the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the largest electronic music festival in the world for 20 years, Tim Gentry, the former Global Revenue Director of The Guardian and Marco Bertozzi, ex-Vice President at Spotify, who has recently joined the board of advisors.

Co-founder TommyD, stated:

“I am excited that Token||Traxx has reached this milestone of the journey. The token will underpin our entire ethical ecosystem, driving our shared vision of an inclusive and sustainable Web3 where music and crypto combine.”

co-founder Miles Leonard, an ex-Chairman of Parlophone Records/Warner Music and credited with signing and breaking artists including Gorillaz, Coldplay and Tinie Tempah, said:

"As founders, our mission is to empower artists to easily tokenise songs, albums, and merchandise, thereby revolutionising the way fans engage with the artists they love.” 

He added:

“I’ve always found artists are very loyal when you give them the freedom and space to be creative. They have a desire to imagine new dimensions to their music, to attract new audiences and build their brand and following. Token||Traxx is a community that supports and encourages that.”

Music artists and fans can access the Token||Traxx platform and explore the functionality and benefits of the Token||Traxx marketplace via the guestlist at

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