Tezos Becomes Third Blockchain To Integrate With Rarible

Tezos Becomes Third Blockchain To Integrate With Rarible

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Rarible has announced that it has successfully integrated with the Tezos blockchain. The integration makes Tezos the third blockchain to be supported by Rarible after Ethereum and Flow. 

While integrating with three pioneering blockchains is a feat in itself, Rarible is already looking at concluding more integrations, enabling Rarible to give users access to a host of collections, artists, and communities. 

Create Energy-Efficient NFTs At Low Gas Fees 

Rarible announced the news of the integration in a blog post, stating that the integration would allow users to create, buy or sell energy-efficient NFTs, which would only cost them a few cents. Tezos utilizes a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, allowing for significantly cheaper, faster, and more efficient transactions than Ethereum, which is the most popular public blockchain. 

Thanks to these qualities of its blockchain, Tezos has garnered significant traction when it comes to NFTs in the fields of gaming and art. Tezos also offers a host of features that have helped create a vibrant NFT community, a fact which Rarible made sure to highlight. 

Exclusive Community Drop 

Rarible has also made available an exclusive Tezos community drop on its website titled Blazing Futures. The drop, curated by Diane Drubay, offers a glimpse into the future of art, crypto, and society through ten different interpretations of the same. The works were created by prominent creators on Tezos, with each design available in an edition of ten. 

The drop features several artists such as Alex Crouwers, Portrait XO, Memo Akten, The Bad Lament, Des Lucrece, etc. 

The Ubisoft Partnership 

Tezos has garnered significant attention among major brands and companies, thanks to its low fees, high performance, and a carbon footprint that is next to nothing. French gaming behemoth Ubisoft is one of those companies that have leveraged Tezos. The partnership sees Ubisoft launch Quartz, which enables players to purchase in-game NFTs called Digits. 

Rarible’s integration with Tezos will see the former support secondary sales for Digits. Digits are essentially limited editions, each of which are composed of a number of items that can represent assets such as vehicles, weapons, equipment, etc. 

Leaving The Competition Behind 

As mentioned earlier, Tezos becomes the third blockchain to be supported by Rarible, with Ethereum and Flow being the first two. The three form the underlying infrastructure for its NFT marketplace. Its nearest competitor, OpenSea, currently only supports Ethereum and Polygon. 

Rarible has also stated that it is looking at future integrations as it looks to embark on a significant cross-chain push.

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