Technical Difficulties Slow Down Solana Network..Again

Technical Difficulties Slow Down Solana Network..Again

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Following the SolChicks’ token sale on Raydium, the Solana network has slowed down considerably and struggled to process transactions for several hours. 

Solana Slows Down Again

The Solana network is in trouble again after being congested from an oversubscribed IDO launch on Raydium. This is the second time congestion issues are affecting the network in just three days, and it looks like it will become an ongoing matter for the network. The previous Raydium token launch had also similarly slowed down the network. However, despite slowing down considerably, the network has not completely come to a standstill like it did in September. 

The Solana team disclosed the network issue via Twitter,

“We apologize for the inconvenience of this delay, but tens of thousands of people are trying to buy $CHICKS and the Raydium server has crashed. It appears SolScan is also not loading our contract address right now either.”

Hype Rush To Grab SolChicks Tokens

SolChicks is one of the most prominent NFT-based projects and one of Solana’s latest on-chain games with a play-to-earn (P2E) model and a Player-to-Player (PvP) gameplay. Players can own their favorite characters and use them to participate in gameplay. Before launching, it was also announced that players would need to claim their SolChicks, which created tremendous hype. Unfortunately, it eventually led to too many users trying to access the platform and caused SolChicks to announce that it was unable to launch a liquidity pool on Raydium. This was followed up with hundreds of failed transactions.

However, the team behind SolChicks has refused to take accountability for the issues, and is calling the launch “record-breaking.” 

They released a statement, which claimed, 

“The token claiming dashboard has crashed, as the Solana network is extremely congested. We’ve had tens of thousands simultaneous claims and buys and there simply isn’t enough capacity in the network. This is something that is completely out of our hands, and rests solely with the Solana network.”

Previous Trouble On Solana

Network congestion is, unfortunately, becoming a recurring issue for Solana. For example, in September, a sudden surge of transaction volume led to a 17-hour long network outage. According to a Solana spokesperson, a heavy load of transactions had overwhelmed the processing queue and caused some nodes to go offline. Engineers were trying to stabilize the network in vain and had to restart the system after the validator community voted to do so. 

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