UniX Gaming: the next up and coming play-to-earn platform with social impact at its core

UniX Gaming: the next up and coming play-to-earn platform with social impact at its core

Whatever your thoughts on it, the metaverse is the future and in many ways it’s the new up and coming thing, like NFTs were a year ago or the way cryptocurrency was over a decade ago. You just need to look at the social media giant, Facebook who had a recent name change to Meta to notice the indicative impact the metaverse will inevitably have on our future indicating a shift in not only social media, but the world as we know it.

The future of socialising and communicating is not the only thing being altered by the metaverse, many companies are seeking to harness the power of the metaverse to enhance the gaming space, providing opportunities for thousands of people in the developing world to increase their income and access to education. Sounds too good to be true? Not quite! 

Play-to-earn and social impact 

Unix Gaming is already allowing thousands of people in the developing world to earn up to five times the average salary of their home countries through its play-to-earn guild, and it has serious plans to expand. How? Put simply, the company invests in several games that reward people in cryptocurrency and NFT and trains players to become much better than the average player. Unix’s main game is Axie Infinity, a metaverse game that has created a fictional world, focusing on arena game fighting. In Axie Infinity, people need to purchase three Axies to create a team and play. These Axies are NFTs, with three of them costing up to $2,500. This price is highly unattainable for many people in the developing world. 

Unix invests in players with potential, who are known as “scholars”, enabling them to create the three Axie team needed to compete, it then trains these scholars over time allowing them to improve their techniques and increase their income in real life. Axie Infinity rewards the players with its Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token and users can use the SLP token to enhance their Axies by, for example, making them more powerful, or they could sell the token (which is currently priced at $0.072). 

Unix not only includes Axie Infinity, but a range of other games that will provide revenue streams to their community members in the metaverse. These games include Splinterlands, Plant v undead and Lightnite. 

Unix is also planning to launch its own game “Unity” which is in the early development stage. UniX is aiming to have at least 10,000 scholars by the end of 2022. 

UniX provides a fair and incentivized earning method, with scholars receiving 50% of the profit they earn and 50% going to the company to create more scholarships and further opportunities for people. UniX is redefining what “community” means in the gaming space, with plans to eventually provide benefits like pensions and healthcare to its scholars in developing countries. Social impact is at the core of Unix’s mission. 

Learn-to-earn: providing further opportunity 

Unix will also introduce a learn-to-earn component, allowing the platform to improve lives not just through providing additional income streams, but also by providing education. Unix is building an education platform to provide internationally recognised and accredited subjects such as English and Maths in addition to cryptocurrency literacy and training in the Play2Earn space. The goal is to give people fundamental education combined with the knowledge of this revolutionary space to empower them to create new opportunities globally. 

Advisers and partners 

All of this may seem ambitious, but UniX has a reputable board of advisors and strong partnerships with plans for more in the near future. Some of Unix’s partnerships include Akatsuki, a codeveloper of popular game “Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle”; Akash Network, the world’s first open-source cloud; Metalands, an iconic decentralized first-person shooter game; Heroes & Empires, a digital collectible creator using blockchain technology; and Unvest, a multi-chain DeFi protocol for trading locked tokens. 

Unix’s advisers range from Loren Roosendaal, the founder of Ember Sword and two other upcoming play-to-earn games, and Sandra Wu CEO Centrium advisory services Ltd.

Chu Lam Yiu is a 45-year-old billionaire. According to Forbes she is the 847th richest person in the world and the 29th richest in Hong Kong. Besides, Yiu is considered the 63rd richest in the China Rich List. Yiu is the key person of Huabao International Holdings (HIH), a company that she founded in the year 1996. 

Norman Wooding & Sylvan Martin from Scrypt, a team that consists of quantitative traders, digital asset experts and capital market professionals who have developed their talents at some of the world’s largest and best-known global financial institutions.

YouTube channel 

UniX’s CEO Mirko Basil and Co-Founder and Head of Education Joe Moore will personally be developing UniX’s YouTube channel, helping to further popularize UniX and spread its mission. Mirko is a veteran pro gamer and metaverse designer, while Joe is the founder and CEO of Platinum University, which helps people learn investment and entrepreneurial skills. Together, they will create a fun and informative channel, with content ranging from gaming footage from educational content. UniX are partnering with one of the biggest online education platforms in the UK to ensure this is done to the highest standard possible. More details to follow on this announcement shortly. 

UniX’s future 

UniX is primed to be the next big player in the gaming space. It already has similar stats to competitors Merit Circle and YGG without having launched its Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (BLBP; more on that below). UniX has more than 180,000 Discord members and just over 1000 Axie Infinity scholars. Merit Circle has more than 25,000 Discord members and about 1,400 Axie Infinity scholars. Merit Circle raised over $100 million during its BLBP. You can do the math and see that UniX’s BLBP is sure to be a success. 


Everyone should want in on UniX’s BLBP on November 23rd. On that day, UniX will be allowing everyone to get their hands on $UNIX tokens -- a decentralized governance token designed for investors to have a slice of the UniX cake. Since UniX is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), holders of the token will be allowed to have a say in the company’s future. The value of UniX tokens will increase over time as players on UniX’s platform will be rewarded with the token as an in-game reward. UniX will also become the token for UniX’s own game, Unity. 

UniX chose to launch a BLBP to raise funds fairly and mitigate issues like whitelisting, bots, and individual camps. BLBP allows for genuine price tracking by making it impossible to run bots and scripts. Tokens are also made immediately tradeable, making it virtually impossible for whales and institutions to dump on smaller investors. Anyone will be able to obtain the $UNIX token in a fair launch, no matter how large or small their investment. 

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