ForeverBlast - Reliable Utility Token with deflationary operations

ForeverBlast - Reliable Utility Token with deflationary operations

As the crypto market blossoms, users will require a dependable platform to stay updated and discover new projects as cryptocurrency keeps rising. New crypto initiatives also require reliable platforms on which to advertise their products or services. Both can be found on our News/Ads website. FEB (ForeverBlast) is a utility token with deflationary properties. It's used to pay for discounted ad space on our cryptocurrency news website. The native token for ForeverBlast is FEB, with a total supply of 10 Billion tokens. Binance Smart Chain is the renowned network used for FEB with pre-approved Auditing. Advertisers who use the FEB token as their payment system can save up to 50% on banners and other marketing services.

This use case will generate long-term external demand for FEB. Deflationary functions are also included in the FEB token, allowing for automatic liquidity transition. Redistribution of rewards is made in BNB to every wallet holder on the Chain. FEB was Listed on PancakeSwap, Indoex, Hot bit. 

Here are some of the characteristics that distinguish FEB Token.

  • Utility

Advertisers utilize FEB token to acquire an ad or banner position on our crypto news website, ForeverBlast.News, they will receive a 50% discount, which will increase outside demand for our ForeverBlast (FEB) token. Consider getting a $200 ad space for $100 simply by spending the FEB token as payment.

  • Anti-Whale Defense Mechanism

Any sell order that exceeds 0.1 percent of total supply in a single transaction will be rejected immediately. This will help us to decrease swing trading and disrupt the market price control of whales.

  • Redistribution of Rewards in BNB

Every wallet on the Chain and the Burn wallet will get 2% to 5% rewards across every payment. This function will reward strong HOLDers while also reducing the circulating supply.

When talking about Tokenomics, FEB possesses a 9% tax on buy, which can be split as 5% to liquidity, 2% for marketing wallet in BNB, and 2% for redistribution of rewards. Secondly, 19% tax on sales can be split as 9% to liquidity, 5% for marketing wallet in BNB, and 5% for redistribution of rewards. 

Aside from these, the distribution of tokens can be divided into 5 forms which are; 7% for MKY and Exchange approximately 700 million, 30% for initial liquidity, per sale and the initial sum, which is about 3 Billion, and the rest 3% for giveaway or airdrop of approximately 300 Million. 

FEB’s RoadMap comprises 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 contributes for Project Idea and Concept, Website Development, Logo Design, Launch Social Media platform, Create Utility Function for FEB token, WhitePaper Creation, Marketing campaign, List on the voting website, Presale Launch, Forever BLAST Token Creation, List on PancakeSwap & Lock Liquidity.
  • Phase 2 contributes for Apply for CoinGecko Listing, Influencer / Social Media Marketing, Apply for CoinMarketCap Listing, Exchange Listing, Form Partnerships, Airdrop Promo, TRUST wallet logo update, Press Release, Smart Contract Audit, Create News App. 
  • Phase 3 contributes to the Non-stop Marketing Campaign, ForeverBlast NFT store; more to be announced soon.

Overall, FEB would be the better option for businesses looking for a reputable platform to post their ads without any hassles.  


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice

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