Cashback for Registered Users Now Available on ChangeNOW

Cashback for Registered Users Now Available on ChangeNOW

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The ChangeNOW cryptocurrency exchange and processing service introduces its new cashback feature. Registered users will now be able to profit from crypto swaps and receive cashback in NOW tokens through the ChangeNOW website.

The new feature will be available to all ChangeNOW registered users. Each transaction is going to bring back 0.1% of the exchanged amount in NOW tokens with the standard limit of 1000 NOW per month.

The feature can be accessed through one’s personal account on the website. The benefits tab reflects the cashback history, current accrual rate, balance, and other cashback-related information. There is also a calculator which can help to estimate the exact profit expected to be received from any transaction. If users have any questions they can either refer to the FAQ section or contact the support team.

Mike Ermolaev, Head of PR at ChangeNOW, commented on the launch of the cashback feature: “With this new feature we wanted to show that we value our customers’ loyalty and wish to reward them for staying with us. The feature will be available for signed up users only. However, the general crypto exchanges will still remain registration-free. ”

ChangeNOW has announced that they are going to launch another useful feature to their service soon – the AML address verification. The tool will allow users to check the safety of any wallet address for the cost of 30 NOW. It will be possible to pay with the tokens earned through the cashback program. The feature is going to help customers avoid any fraud by marking the wallet status as dangerous, suspicious, or secure.

About ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW is a limitless crypto exchange offering fast crypto swaps with no hidden fees. It remains one of the biggest proponents for crypto adoption among mainstream audiences and aims to provide a safe, private, and user-friendly environment as part of a larger string of efforts to push the crypto industry into the future.

Crypto exchange on ChangeNOW is fast, cheap, and transparent; users can swap crypto not only through the ChangeNOW website, but also via dedicated apps on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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