CHAINGAIN is set to disrupt the DeFi rules and break the collateral barriers

CHAINGAIN is set to disrupt the DeFi rules and break the collateral barriers

Set your own terms and trigger a chain reaction of financial gain in a secure environment, with minimum collateral.

Chaingain is a decentralized financial platform, offering innovative products tailored for many individuals, ranging from lending and borrowing protocol to capital renting. Chaingain’s mission in the DeFi paradigm is to offer people the liberty of transaction by creating an alternative viable wealth generating platform, totally safe and trustworthy. From investors accessing capital with a minimal amount of collateral, in a total safe ecosystem, to people eager to put their crypto portfolio to work to generate passive income via the lending pool or via peer-to-peer lending, the new platform bridges the gap between everyday financial needs and the DeFi paradigm, in order to create the decentralized protocols to answer to a broad range of financial needs. 

The Chaingain platform offers two broad spectrum products that guarantee financial gains in a secure environment: Gain Rental and Gain Matcher.  

GAIN RENTAL is the product that defies the classical DeFi loan system. Usually, DeFi loans are a quick way to access capital, but not unless you already have more capital to put aside as collateral. Chaingain solved this problem by creating a pool from which borrowers can rent for a determined amount of time paying daily rental fees with only 10-15% collateral. The fuel for the capital rental engine will be supplied by a capital pool where lenders can join by adding capital and making gains on the capital rental fees in a short period of time. Lenders’ capital will be protected by the enforced smart contract, reverse investment and liquidation mechanism triggered by the monitoring system that the platform has. 

The second product is the GAIN MATCHER - a peer-to-peer lending and borrowing service. This is a classical collateral-backed lending service, allowing users to maximize their capital by either borrowing or lending, while setting their own terms and conditions for existing offers. 

In order to serve every possible capital user, regardless of their technical and crypto literacy, the Chaingain platform has been designed to embed two key characteristics: trust and simplicity. Whether you choose to be a lender or a borrow, Chaingain has only benefits: easy access to higher returns, minimum collateral loans, fast and convenient peer-to-peer loans, setting their own terms and a safe environment which guarantees the lender always gets his money back. 

Stephen Davies, CEO and founder of Chaingain:

For long enough, crypto borrowing was linked to over collateralized loans, creating a closed loop of investors and traders. We are democratizing the DeFi paradigm by allowing people to access capital without the burden of collateral and this will take things to another level. We now live in a new paradigm of distributed services and globalization that have technology, flexibility, and diversity at core. We live in a diverse world populated by people with different needs and resources. It’s time that finances enter this paradigm and DeFi is here to re-establish the rules”. 

At the core of the protocol, Chaingain relies on key partners such as DIA or Uniswap to offer A-class financial services for its users and it has a rich roadmap of integrations and partnerships to follow.  

Chaingain platform is set to go live in Q1 2022 reaching global markets and customers all over the world.

For more info, please visit www.chaingain.io and follow the project on Chaingain Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. 

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