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Animoca Brands Set To Acquire Majority Stake In Bondly Finance

Animoca Brands Set To Acquire Majority Stake In Bondly Finance

Animoca Brands, the leader in digital entertainment, gamification, and blockchain, and driving digital property rights, has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Bondly. Bondly is the premier NFT solutions provider that is at the forefront of empowering the next generation of NFT creators.

Driving NFT Adoption

Animoca Brands’ strategic investment in Bondly will enable both companies to significantly push mass NFT adoption across Animoca Brands’ portfolio companies. These companies operate in the fields of sports, gaming, entertainment, collectibles, and several other areas. Gamers will be able to move their NFT assets from one blockchain to another thanks to Bondly’s expertise and proven technology that includes cross-chain NFT minting and bridges, NFT swap protocols, and marketplace.

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Animoca Brands has a portfolio that includes over 100 investments in some of the most important NFT-related companies of the world, which include the likes of OpenSea and Dapper Labs. Earlier this year, the company managed to raise over $138 million, bringing its valuation to $1.139 billion thanks to its plan of delivering digital property rights to gamers through the use of NFTs. This vision is in line with Bondly’s vision of introducing NFT owners to new opportunities in DeFi ecosystems.

Considerable Excitement

A strategic partnership of this magnitude has obviously generated a considerable amount of excitement in industry circles. Co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands commented on the developments, stating,

“Bondly has developed powerful tools to help onboard brands and individuals to the world of NFTs and has built valuable relationships with many leading brands and artists. These products and relationships will be of great assistance to Animoca Brands and our portfolio companies, including the Launchpad Luna accelerator, as we drive the shift to the true digital ownership model made possible by NFTs.”

CEO and Co-founder of Bondly Finance, Harry Lu, commented,

“Joining forces with Animoca Brands is a game-changing strategic alignment that will propel GameFi to the next level. As a pioneer in the NFT space, we will bring our extensive know-how in delivering high-quality, high-utility NFT experiences to the Animoca Brands portfolio companies.”

Partnerships With Influencers, Collaborations, And Musicians

Bondly Finance is among one of the first companies that have partnered with musicians, influencers, along with collaborations with creators, bringing to the market a range of unique products. Bondly was the company that created and distributed Logan Paul’s first limited edition series of NFT collectibles. The collectible sold out in less than 30 minutes.

Bondly has also partnered with Lewis Capaldi, who is a two-time BRIT-award winner, with over 15 billion streams, for his Big Fat Sexy Card Collection NFTs. A majority of these NFTs were picked up by a non-crypto audience. PelleK has also used Bondly’s BONDSwap for the first-ever NFT music album.

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