Kusama and Spheroid Universe Support the Biggest Augmented Reality Experience in the World

Kusama and Spheroid Universe Support the Biggest Augmented Reality Experience in the World

Colombian artist Jessica Angel has been busy recently, as she works to transform the south end of Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge into a 19,000 square feet blockchain-based augmented reality (AR) installation known as the Voxel Bridge. The art installation takes the form of a gigantic two-dimensional vinyl mural that covers the walkway, supporting columns, and the undersurface of the bridge.

Visitors can download the free-of-cost Vancouver Biennale app to their phones when walking through Voxel Bridge and experience an interactive digital adventure, powered by milestone advancements in AR. The AR technology for this artwork was developed by Spheroid Universe and supported by blockchain technology on the Kusama Network. Voxel Bridge is a unique piece of art because it takes place in three worlds - the real world, as an AR-powered digital experience, and in the blockchain. It offers the audience a revolutionary experience of both real and digital worlds, made possible by AR technology. 

“The Vancouver Biennale has always been ahead of the curve and pushed the traditional boundaries of art in public space. Now that the very definition of public has evolved to mean virtual, we were determined to bring an art installation of great artistic and technical significance to the world,” said Barrie Mowatt, President and Artistic Director of the Vancouver Biennale. 

The AR experience contains twenty different interactive animations, providing visitors with information about the history of Kusama Network. Angel also utilizes live blockchain data to create a real-time projection of the blockchain, allowing visitors to see this technical concept live through the artwork. Many believe that blockchain technology will transform the way we currently interact in the world. The Kusama Network is a scalable, multichain canary network for Polkadot. The network was developed to support radical innovation and uses the latest Polkadot technology, providing developers with cost-effective interoperability and scalability and allowing them to create innovations exclusively on the Kusama Network, or deploy them on Polkadot.

“Creative and innovative means of information visualization are crucial in a global society ever more reliant on IT and digital systems. The differences that information comprehensibility makes are both broad and deep and can result in sea changes of attitudes and generally, one would hope, in the direction of knowledge and understanding rather than ignorance,” said Gavin Wood, Polkadot Founder and Former Ethereum CTO and Co-Founder.

Kusama is partnering with Spheroid Universe, a platform that allows the development and launching of AR/MR/XR projects, to help shape the Voxel Bridge experience. Spheroid Universe also has a large digital community, with almost 100,000 members that help construct the emerging AR world.

The blockchain represents the most secure method to record and track digital data, and is a powerful way to fight fraud, and eliminate counterfeiting and hacking. Blockchain technology creates countless new possibilities for all industries, including banking, voting, healthcare, art, and others, and the Voxel Bridge is the first AR-powered art installation to show this technology to the audience.

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