The Convenience of Being an Online Personal Trainer

The Convenience of Being an Online Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer in the modern digital world, in light of the global pandemic has its fair share of challenges especially when it comes to choosing the right technology and getting an unbiased ecosystem. 

Digitization in the health and fitness industry has opened up a plethora of opportunities for personal trainers to tap into the global market, and get the exposure that they deserve. However, shifting from the traditional brick-and-mortar system to a digital platform is not easy for personal trainers.  

Even if a trainer manages to adapt to the digital platform, sooner rather than later, they become a victim of the centralized system. 

There are several platforms providing a digital health and fitness ecosystem where personal trainers can interact with the clients in real time. Most of these platforms charge a hefty fee to the trainers, others provide fake reviews to manipulate the clients into selecting specific trainers that the platform wants to promote. 

In the midst of all this are credible and quality personal trainers, who can make a real difference in someone’s health and fitness but are unable to do so. 

On a very high level, the problems of a personal trainer break down to the following three points:

  1. Centralized and biased system
  2. High fees or commission
  3. Sophisticated tools for delivering online sessions


How 360Wellness empower personal trainers

360Wellness is a decentralized application providing a complete suite of services for the health and fitness industry. The application is built on top of Blockchain technology and leverages different components of Blockchain to provide an advanced platform. 

360Wellness addresses the aforementioned challenges faced by personal trainers in the following ways:

  1. 360Wellness is based on distributed ledger technology which means that there is no central party governing the network. Instead, the network is maintained through a consensus protocol where all the users participate. Therefore, the application offers an unbiased ecosystem. Having an immutable ledger on a peer-to-peer network, 360Wellness eradicates the possibility of fake reviews. Therefore, every personal trainer on the 360Wellness application gets an equal opportunity to establish their credibility in the market. Each and every review on the platform is left by an authenticated user which acts as proof of the trainer’s capabilities. 
  2. Personal trainers often have to reduce their fees on the platform due to a high transaction fee charged to the clients especially in a cross-border payment system. Moreover, some platforms charge high commission fees to the trainers for connecting them to the clients. 360Wellness application has integrated cryptocurrencies into its ecosystem that enable frictionless payments with significantly lower transaction fees. Moreover, the application also has a native token, DEFIT, that can be used to facilitate payments inside the ecosystem of the application. Using DEFIT, users can pay for the online training sessions directly to the personal trainers. Furthermore, 360Wellness allows the users to enjoy a pay-as-you-go model which keeps them motivated to train every day rather than a fixed subscription model. For the trainers, this allows them to get paid for each activity rather than waiting for the month-end. 
  3. 360Wellness offers comprehensive services for the health and fitness industry. Personal trainers can leverage the wide range of features provided inside the application. For instance, personal trainers can work on mental and emotional coaching as the application provides the facility to users for monitoring their emotional health, their sleep, and other such activities. Trainers can also leverage the educational content available on the application to provide health tips to the client and have better engagement with them. This educational material is specific to health and fitness such as best foods, best exercises, and more.  

Another important feature of the platform is the integration of live virtual classes which the trainers can use to provide sessions such as Yoga, HIIT, or other exercises. 


The health and fitness industry has also transformed with the rise of digitization. Personal trainers can leverage this digitization to get access to a wider market and use their expertise from the comfort of their homes. The only barrier for a personal trainer is getting the right platform that provides a perfect ecosystem. 

360Wellness is one such platform enabling personal trainers to explore their true potential. The application has already been downloaded in 172 countries which provides a unique global platform. This Blockchain-based application accommodating crypto payments is the most suitable digital environment for personal trainers to grow to their potential. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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