Bitcoin Rages Against The Establishment

Bitcoin Rages Against The Establishment
  • Bitcoin is ready to fight the establishment
  • Bitcoin has the reach to become a safe haven

In true anarchist fashion, recent developments within Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has proven that Bitcoin really is rising up against the establishment and is giving people access to a brighter and more economically viable future. The truth is, the world is in a bit of a funny place. At the moment, capitalism has caused the banks to have almost too much power. Now, politics and banking are starting to get in the way of each other, which is causing ripples within the financial community. Look as far as Hong Kong to see how political turmoil around China is causing the value of the Chinese Yuan to drop, and as far as the United Kingdom to see the laughing stock that is Brexit, and the impact it is having on the Pound Sterling.

No matter where you look, things don’t look great when it comes to politics and finance, that is until you turn to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin gives people access to a method of financial storage, investment and exchange that is decentralised and anonymous. It’s kept away from the drama of the banks and its kept away from the control of the bigwigs who run the banks. Instead, what you get with Bitcoin is a safe, educated and financially secure community that has been built upon a blockchain that is automated, non biased and certainly not corrupt.

As political turmoil sweeps the world, more and more people are now rising up against the establishment and their set norms and are now beginning to move their own money into Bitcoin, because it’s proving itself to be a bit of a safe haven. None of this has been so evident until recently, when Bitcoin embarked on a bull run up to and exceeding $12,000.00 during the political turmoil mentioned in China, the United Kingdom and across the United States. People have turned to the blockchain and have started to buy Bitcoin in huge amounts. This is great for our economy, and it’s also great for those who are taking back control from the establishment. 

Last year, it did look as if all positive feeling towards Bitcoin has disappeared, now though with recent events in mind, this industry feels like it’s turning back to its roots and that finally, Bitcoin has remembered where it came from, it’s remembered what it’s for and finally, so have the people.

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