Making money on cryptocurrency is simple: EXMO offers a profitable Cashback system

Making money on cryptocurrency is simple: EXMO offers a profitable Cashback system

European cryptocurrency exchange EXMO offers users the opportunity to save on trades using the specially developed Cashback program significantly.

As the cryptocurrency market is a young industry, we are eyewitnesses of its formation. Today it’s essential for a potential investor to find an exchange he can trust the money with. Fortunately, EXMO is one of the few exchanges operating on the market since 2013 with an impeccable security system (there wasn’t a single theft of user funds in the history of the company) and a wide selection of payment instruments with low fees for deposit and withdrawal. The platform provides trading pairs with fiat currencies - such as EUR and USD. The company's activities are supported by licenses for the provision of cryptocurrency exchanger services. Besides, in 2019, the platform released its exchange token - EXMO Coin (EXM), which is used to obtain significant advantages on the platform. You can get acquainted with the exchange here.

We have finished with a brief history excursion and are now ready to discuss the iconic features of the platform that will help the trader to invest in cryptocurrency effectively.

Why is trading on EXMO profitable?

The platform experts developed a special tool for traders - the Cashback system. Cashback allows returning part of the commission for completed transactions and is calculated daily. The return percentage depends on the trading volume for the last 30 days.

This tool can be rightfully considered unique - with a $1000 trade volume per month, the user already receives a part of the trading commission back. A well-designed cashback system allows 99% of the platform users to reduce the trading fees significantly. More detailed information on return commissions is available here.

Extra discount with Premium Cashback

Another advantage of the platform is the ability to purchase Premium Cashback - an additional discount on trading commissions. Premium Cashback packages can be purchased with the EXMO Coin exchange token. The minimum package price is only $1 (in EXM equivalent). All the details on Premium Cashback tariff packages are available here.

Moreover, using Premium Cashback, traders can purchase a package with a 100% discount on the trading commission. A trader will not only reduce the trading commission for Maker transactions but also receive a 100% refund for it.

Special commission return terms for market makers

The platform implements special cashback terms for algorithmic trading. The team ensured an automatic cashback opportunity of more than 100% (rebate payments) for Maker transactions for traders with large trading volumes.

It implies integrated conditions for marketing. Now, to get rebates for transactions, you do not need to spend time signing individual contracts. All traders with a particular trading volume will receive a rebate with cashback daily.

As a conclusion

The described advantages are not just big words, but facts backed by data. You can really save money while trading on EXMO, and therefore earn more than on other cryptocurrency exchanges. The Cashback and Premium Cashback tariff system is designed so that your ROI is always positive.

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