The Christmas 2019 Crypto Apocalypse on Youtube, My Opinion.

The Christmas 2019 Crypto Apocalypse on Youtube, My Opinion.

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Over Christmas, Youtube seemed to have targeted Crypto Youtubers, deleted videos and even gave out strikes on their channels like Grandmas giving out gingerbread cookies.

In the video below I discuss what happened. I also tell you a story about what happened to me at the hands of the great overlord Google. I also let you know that all is not lost and it is time to Walk what you Talk and start using decentralized platforms as well as platforms that protect your right to post content that does not harm anyone.

My Recommendations for Those Who Have Been Hurt by the Youtube Crypto Purge.

  1. Start using the Decentralized options yesterday! #WalktheTalk
  2. Delete any videos that are no longer relevant.
  3. Always back up content with LBRY and Dtube. Oh, and participate!
  4. Stop promoting your centralized channels and switch to promoting decentralized channels.
  5. Learn to monetize outside of Youtube. I have been doing it since 2014, you can too!
  6. Join the Steem blockchain community. It is never too late. Dtube, Steemit, Appics.
  7. Support social media platforms that respect free speech like Flote.App.
  8. Crypto content should be posted to Uptrennd.
  9. Step up and join the conversation on the decentralized channels. Don’t just post and run.

Seriously, I Can’t Believe I Have to Tell This to Everyone!

Sorry, if you think I am being a little harsh but the decentralized social media community has been around since 2016 and many of you are still trying to please your overlords at Youtube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. 

I am sorry if you have been demonetized but if you would have spent the last three years doing this, you would not be in this situation. It is the equivalent of being fed by the farmer and then being slaughtered when you were fattened up. The farmer got what they wanted and now you are expendable. 

I am Here for the Crypto Community. 

Social media is what I do. I learned my lesson earlier than all of you when Google took down Google Plus along with my associated business with 110,000 followers and my verified channel. Everyone laughed at me for trusting in Google Plus. Don’t worry I won’t laugh at you, but I will scold you. You didn’t pay attention when the writing was on the wall. 

Now, get to work building your new channels. If you did it once you can do it again. Delayed gratification is difficult but anyone worth their salt can rebuild.

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