5 Cryptocurrencies And Tokens I Am Watching Closely In 2020

5 Cryptocurrencies And Tokens I Am Watching Closely In 2020

As 2019 comes to a close I look to the possibilities in the 2020 crypto market.

2019 admittedly was a rough year for our crypto holdings. I know many of you suffered throughout the year and if you are someone who likes the world of altcoins, like me, then you had an even tougher time. Bitcoin Maximalists ended up in the positive but they also were talking about a new ATH by the end of 2019 and that did not pan out. If it wasn’t for the Plus Token Ponzi in China pushing up the price. I have to wonder what the Bitcoin numbers would have looked like in 2019.

My Criteria for the Five Coins I Have Chosen to Watch Closely in 2020.

  • I am looking for crypto projects that I believe have the most potential for a 5X-100X return.
  • The crypto projects must be actively traded.
  • The projects must be actively marketing.
  • I must know someone on the team or follow them on social media.
  • I must own some.

My Top 5 Cryptocurrencies and Tokens I am Watching in 2020.

  1. Epic Cash- Make no doubt about it, mimblewimble privacy coins are here and Epic Cash is here to stay. Yes, I am the global ambassador for Epic Cash. So I know someone on the team! Exchange listings coming in short order and coin market cap. A new wearable Android wallet is in the works. A new GUI wallet is ready for the public. I have been telling the world about this one since May of 2019. Privacy coin with Bitcoin economics! While attention is still elsewhere you can still fill your bags. Current Price $.018. My prediction is 100X in 2020 to $1.80.
  2. Hex- The drama over this project is what has me so excited about the possibilities. Richard Heart is a marketing genius who leads his trolls like a conductor leads an orchestra. All of the vitriol and hate spewed towards Hex is bringing millions in free marketing for the project. We won’t really know the true sat value of this token until months after day 350. At that time we will see what the community does. I for one am staking for multiple years and forgetting about my Hex. Current Price $.00011. My prediction is 10X in 2020 to $.0011.
  3. Flashcoin- The Flash community is exactly what is needed in crypto. Although this coin has been around for years it seems that the crypto community as a whole has largely ignored it. That is fine because with or without the support, Flash has moved into West Africa and South Africa. The community is working with local organizations and Universities to bring mobile P2P and P2C payments to that part of the world. The Flashcoin wallet has a feature similar to Local Bitcoins, built right into the app. If the community continues to grow at the current pace, Flash will be making headlines in 2020. Current Price $.0039. My prediction is 20X in 2020 to $.08.
  4. APPICS- My favorite crypto social media is currently Appics! My wife Anabell and I are ambassadors. We have been long-time supporters of the Steem blockchain and Appics is delivering an experience that is similar to Instagram. The ease of use and the fact that it was built on the Steem chain means that it has the potential for rapid growth. Current Price $.05. My prediction is 5X in 2020 to $.25.
  5. 1UP- Uptrennd is a social media platform focused on crypto news. Although I don’t think we will see a huge pop in price I do believe we will continue to see great growth for the platform. I recommend that every one level up their accounts in anticipation of when Uptrennd opens up its platform for all kinds of content. I personally hope the price trades sideways for a while allowing new users to prepare their accounts on the cheap! Current Price $.0005. My prediction is 20X in 2020 to $.01.

Bonus Project to Watch in 2020!

Pi Network- This one has me intrigued. I did not add it to my core list of 5 because it is not able to be traded yet. The team is adding features consistently but I still think this could be a giant ploy by a few Stanford Grad students. 

I do recommend digging into the project and learning how this team built such a viral machine. The coin that could be born out of this will be in so many hands globally that it could quickly be one of the most used in crypto. In 2020 I expect the first exchange listing for PI as well as the network beginning decentralization.

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