Popular Twitter Poll Sees BTC Beat Gold, Again

Popular Twitter Poll Sees BTC Beat Gold, Again
  • Former US Representative Puts Poll out on Twitter
  • Bitcoin is the fan favourite
  • Ron Paul wants to “eliminate the whole concept of central banking”

Say you were given the chance to be gifted $10k but you got to choose how you received it, whether it’s gold, US Treasury Bond, Federal Reserve Notes or Bitcoin

But of course, there’s a catch, you can’t touch it for ten years.

How would you take it?

Ron Paul

According to a Twitter poll crafted by the ex-United States Representative Ron Paul, bitcoin and gold are the top choices, as voted by the people. The leading cryptocurrency ended up being the winner with the precious metal lagging behind for the vote. 

As per CCN, gold, which earlier in the day was leading, puts up a good show at 37%. In fact, the rest of the votes were spread across the 10-year United States Treasury bond, which is yielding less than 2%, and Federal Reserve notes at 6% and 2%, respectively.

Support for Crypto

Before bitcoin took the gold medal (pardon the pun), a lot of Paul’s followers took a stand against gold investors on the Twitter thread below the tweet, which indicated clear bullish outlook on crypto.

Ron Paul is a man who is against the Federal Reserve so he is a perfect fit for the crypto community.

The former US representative was recently welcomed with open arms at the Litecoin Summit in Las Vegas where he said he wants to “eliminate the whole concept of central banking” and is waiting on the time when the governments lose “monopoly control over money”.

“The least the amount of government the best.”

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and whether governments will eventually stop involvement with people’s finances. For more news on this and other crypto updates, keep it with CryptoDaily!

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