UNICEF Launches New Crypto Fund Supporting BTC & ETH

UNICEF Launches New Crypto Fund Supporting BTC & ETH

The topic of cryptocurrencies isn’t a new one. Many governmental authorities have discussed the idea of bitcoin, including the US President, mainly arguing the point that it would pave the way for criminal activities throughout the world. But the United Nations (UN) seems to be open to the idea of crypto as one of its premier agencies, United Nations Children’s Fund aka UNICEF, has announced the launch of the UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund.

UNICEF has its presence all over the world in 91 countries and is mostly funded by government entities which makes the latest move to accept crypto quite ironic, no? 

With the acceptance of cryptocurrency, UNICEF can hold and receive bitcoin and Ethereum, which is all the organisation currently supports.

The Ethereum Foundation would make the first donation to the fund and will be served three grantees from UNICEF Innovation Fund. the Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation, Aya Miyaguchi, commented on the same and said:

“The Ethereum Foundation is excited to demonstrate the power of what Ethereum and blockchain technology can do for communities around the world. Together with UNICEF, we’re taking action with the Cryptofund to improve access to basic needs, rights, and resources.”

As UNICEF starts getting intrigued by blockchain tech, the crypto fund launches. UNICEF’s national committees of the USA, Australia and New Zealand have already been accepting cryptocurrencies too. 

The agencies Executive Director, Henrietta Fore, expressed her excitement for the new move and crypto-venture. She said:

“If digital economies and currencies have the potential to shape the lives of coming generations, it is important that we explore the opportunities they offer. That’s why the creation of our Cryptocurrency Fund is a significant and welcome step forward in humanitarian and development work.”

It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out. For more news on this and other crypto updates, keep it with CryptoDaily!

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