UFC Fighter Proving BTC is the Future - Dares Twitter to Prove Him Wrong

UFC Fighter Proving BTC is the Future - Dares Twitter to Prove Him Wrong

The professional UFC fighter and well-known bitcoin bull, Ben Askren took to Twitter this week to let everyone know about all the bitcoin he is buying thanks to the eToro platform. The tweet, published on Monday, was seen as quite confrontational as Askren dared all the ‘twitter geniuses’ to explain why crypto is a scam. As you can imagine, this caused a variety of responses.

One user responded to the MMA fighter saying, “Crypto _is_ a scam. Bitcoin isn’t.” 

As we say, eToro had a lot to do with this tweet which mainly believe is an ad deal Askren has signed o plug te trading platform through his popular Twitter page.

Whether this was an unintentional ad or not, one user argued his point saying, “You cant buy BTC through etoro. You have only trade and purchase a CFD. You not actually buying BTC itself.” responding to this tweet was the official eToro US Twitter page who said:

“You can pull your BTC or other crypto off the platform using the eToro wallet.”

Bitcoin Vs Gold

Last week CryptoDaily reported on Askren who put a poll on his twitter to his followers asking them a simple question. 

“Someone gives you a $10,000 that you can’t touch for 10 years, would you rather have the 10k gift in”

The results were quite tight between gold and Bitcoin however, US treasury bonds had no chance of winning this race as they only got 9 percent of the vote. 

64,185 people cast their votes to the poll with 41 percent opting for gold leaving 50 percent of voters choosing Bitcoin

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