Tezos Co-Founder on Tokenised Securities, ETH & BTC

Tezos Co-Founder on Tokenised Securities, ETH & BTC

In 2017 alone, Tezos’ fund-raising ended up making an astounding $232 million. The open-source project is one of the best-known networks and describes itself as “a self-amending blockchaincapable of representing any other protocol. 

The co-founder of Tezos Arthur Breitman recently took part in an interview with Yuval Gov for CryptoPotato where he spoke several topics including Dynamic Ledger Solutions, tokenised securities and the future of the project and the crypto space.

You can read the full interview here, but we’re going to take a look at the highlights.

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Breitman was asked to describe Tezos in a simpler term as the CTO concludes to a couple of the most famous cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency or digital money, coming out ten years ago. Ethereum showed that not only could you create a digital currency, but you could make it much more programmable. Instead of just deciding, I pay you and you pay me, you could make conditional payments: I pay you if this condition happens, and so on. However, the way these networks tend to innovate is by attempting to coordinate on changes. Once in a while, they try to all get together and change their computer code at the same time.”

In terms of how the evolution of Tezos will continue, the co-founder states:

“One of Tezos’ most salient aspects is that the protocol can evolve. One important consideration when designing a decentralized protocol is that it has to follow a set of rules. Some of these rules you don’t really want to touch, because people are not going to trust the system if the rules are changing arbitrarily, but some you might want to tune because they don’t overwhelmingly affect the semantic of the system: they mostly have to do with how well it works. An example of the above could be the block size (which led to the Bitcoin Cash fork). The problem is how do you allow a system to upgrade itself without the need for this external coordination. That’s what Tezos tries to do.”

In terms of tokenised securities, the Tezos project is one of the leaders in this area. Given the two recent interesting partnerships to note. The projects haven’t seen a green light yet though, despite the announcement.

“The only token on Tezos right now is Tez (as of writing this, XTZ is trading for $1.05).” The state of regulation is also of note: “I’m sure that’s a big topic for issuers, especially if they want access to global markets as they need to comply with the regulations of all the different countries in which they are seeking to be present.”

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