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Libra’s Testnet Now Supported By ZenGo Crypto Wallet

Libra’s Testnet Now Supported By ZenGo Crypto Wallet
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Yesterday, the developers at the non-custodial keyless cryptocurrency wallet solution ZenGo revealed that their new app supports the testnet for Facebook’s Libra coin.


The announcement claims that users are now able to “send and receive Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra, just like any other cryptocurrency in ZenGo.” The developers went onto highlight that the “testnet funds don’t hold any real value and are only for testing purposes.”

The announcement goes onto state:

“If you would like to experiment with Libra, you can turn on Libra testnet from the Account tab in the wallet. Once you turn on the feature, make sure your wallet is backed up, and we’ll send you your first Libra. Facebook is developing its own wallet Calibra, but it’s not publicly available yet. When it does become available it will be a custodial wallet, meaning that Facebook will have full control over the funds stored in it. But that will not be the only option. That’s why we’re offering Libra in ZenGo a non-custodial that people will have the option to choose.”

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Later in the post, they state:

“With the ZenGo keyless wallet, you’ll be able to manage your Libra with complete peace of mind, while still being in control of your funds but with a simple user experience. We believe the password-free, on-chain user experience offered by ZenGo will be attractive to many people who want to own crypto currencies, including Libra.”

Under Testing

The ZenGo team also warned that Libra’s testnet is still in the experimental phase. Therefore, it could be periodically reset for maintenance and upgrades, at which point “all the data on the network gets reset along with all transaction history and balances.”

ZenGo is currently only available on the iOS systems but the wallet also allows users to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin with their credit cards or even Apple Pay.

Libra has been under fire from regulators since day one and rumours now suggest the stablecoin may never even see launch, but only time will tell as to how true this is.

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