Craig Wright: “Bitcoin Doesn’t Work Outside Government.”

Craig Wright: “Bitcoin Doesn’t Work Outside Government.”

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash have been at each other's virtual throats for a while now as there isn’t a lot the two parties can agree on. But even so, there is one activity that brings the two rivals together and that seems to be the infamous Craig Wright.

The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto has claimed that he is the man behind the leading cryptocurrency (duh), which he later abandoned to focus his time more on Bitcoin Cash and then later move on to Bitcoin SV in the year following.

In an interview Wright took part in on Wednesday with the Cheddar news outlet, the computer programmer provided both bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash proponents with some fresh fodder, claiming that cryptocurrency was never meant to act as a store of value or even be anything along the lines of ‘anti-government’, which it is seen as today.

“The whole idea was about micropayments. It’s about a system that enables commercial internet use. It enables you to have rapid-fast settlement, secure systems, many other things. It was never a store of gold.”

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Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts will more than likely be happy to hear this but nevertheless, what Wright went onto say could see some backlash from the BCH project and the BTC side.

“The other camp - the cypherpunks and whatever else - they’re the guys who want this to be something else. They want it to be a store of value. They want it to be outside government. That’s not Bitcoin. Bitcoin doesn’t work outside government.”

The Backlash

Well it turns out there was quite a bit of backlash from Crypto Twitter, although not what you might think…

One user put:

“You're enabling a fraud, simple as that. reconsider this ASAP.”

Another tweeted:

“I thought Cheddar was for legitimate news?  Maybe reconsider who you are giving a platform to here?”

So it seems that the hate was not directed at Wright but rather Cheddar for bringing him on the show at all.

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