BXB Has Become The First Exchange To Offer Ravencoin Futures Trading – And Give Back To Its Customers

BXB Has Become The First Exchange To Offer Ravencoin Futures Trading – And Give Back To Its Customers

Retail-focused crypto exchange BXB has partnered with decentralised asset management token Ravencoin to offer futures trading on its exchange, and to give back to the Ravencoin dev team.

BXB, which is based out of Estonia, has been working closely with the Ravencoin team to offer their coin RVN on the exchange.

BXB has a heavy focus on bringing new traders to the cryptocurrency space, and it was after meeting the Ravencoin team in Amsterdam, they found they shared the same philosophy on growing and educating people who are new to investing.

At this point the exchange management, led by CEO Kwun Phite, knew they wanted the exchange to support a token that was built by the community for the community.

What is RVN?

Ravencoin (RVN) is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain and is heavily-focused on handling the efficient transfer of any asset from one party to another.

Ravencoin also allows the creation of security tokens within minutes which can then be traded globally.

These could be used for a huge range of purposes including representing a share of a physical product; for example, gold or land deeds, the creation of virtual goods; for example, tickets to a football match, or as in-game currency, as well as a whole host of other functions.


BXB, which stands for better exchange for beginners, saw an opportunity to provide Ravencoin futures and options trading to its customers.

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The exchange is very much focused on being an exchange for retail investors, and giving the individual investor a chance to learn and trade crypto.

Their mission is to provide crypto community members and traders with access to powerful trading tools across a wide range of products.

The exchange has an in-built function to give back to its community.

Trading fees from tokens on the exchange are given back to users as a thankyou for using BXB, with the idea being to help grow the entire crypto community as the exchange grows.

In terms of Ravencoin, trading fees will be donated to the token’s development fund every day as a way to give back to the community.


RVN went live on BXB exchange on Monday (July 29). The coin is now available for coin-to-coin trades, options and futures trading with BXB providing leverage of 5x or 10x.

The BXB team will soon be hosting a live ask me anything (AMA) to their community to answer any questions they have about the listing, and is planning to integrate the RVN wallet into the platform soon.

It’s clear, with two strongly-community focused teams working together, the overall winner will be the customer and the projects. 

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