Why Quentin Tarintino Hiring William Shatner Would Be A Good Thing For Crypto

Why Quentin Tarintino Hiring William Shatner Would Be A Good Thing For Crypto

One of the biggest and best TV shows around is undoubtedly Star Trek. On 8th September  1966, the first episode of “Star Trek the Original Series” was aired and was a breath of fresh air for sci-fi and fiction fans alike. At the helm of this TV show James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner who, as it turns out, is a big crypto enthusiast!

Now bear with us here, we’re going somewhere with this…

Quentin Tarintino, who is the man behind some of the greatest films of all time (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Django Unchained etc.), is about to release his ninth film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” and recently spoke in an interview about how much he liked Shatner and made him a candidate for the much-talked-about ‘Ttar Trek’ project which could be Tarantino’s next venture. Well, Shatner saw this and responded saying that he would love to reprise the role of Kirk for the potential project.

Watch Shatner’s Response here.

It is well known in the space that Shatner is a big fan of cryptocurrency and he has even just launched a new startup which looks to digitise the value of precious items and was also involved in a solar-powered Bitcoin mining operation in Illinois.

Not only would this film be great for bringing Shatner’s career back to light but we can only assume that this would be great for blockchain projects and the crypto space in general.

As a fellow Tarantino fan, I can't realistically see a Star Trek based film being his last big project but if it is and Shatner does get given a role then there would still be a big boost to the space. Even if the film doesn’t mention cryptocurrency whatsoever, it would see Shatner in the limelight again and then who knows what could happen!

Thanks to celebrity influence, cryptocurrency has definitely increased in popularity. There are always some big names like Shatner or even Gene Simmons from KISS who is also a big fan of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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