Cardano Signs Up To Global Digital Finance Group

Cardano Signs Up To Global Digital Finance Group

At the end of last month, the Cardano Foundation became part of the board for the Global Digital Finance Group (GDF). The London based organisation has teamed up with many industry leaders with Cardano being just the start. The focus for this group is to maintain and pursue the overarching factors that establish the best practices among the cryptocurrency industry.

On its website, the GDF states that it is:

“An industry membership body that promotes the adoption of best practices for cryptoassets and digital finance technologies, through the development of conduct standards, in a shared engagement forum with market participants, policymakers and regulators.”

Specifically, though the GDF is comprised of several other notable partners such the global crypto exchange Huobi, the crypto finance firm Circle and the blockchain software firm that has a prime focus on development and longevity, R3.

One of the notable partners we didn’t mention above though is the crypto exchange giant, Coinbase. These companies and more are always in the news pushing out new products and building new relationships to grow their brand. 

The Cardano Foundation has got a lot of things under its belt but one of its key focuses at the minute is the development of its community. Joining these groups tells the world the purpose and main aim of the Cardano eco-system, to build a well-established blockchain with the best intentions.

The foundation recently joined the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Application’s (INATBA) five working groups in order to mould the blockchain and legislation in crypto and commercial standards. The Cardano Foundation’s website:

“INATBA offers developers and users of DLT a global forum to interact with regulators and policymakers that will contribute to the convergence of regulatory approaches to blockchain and other DLT globally which brings blockchain technology to the next stage.”


In terms of price, the last 24 hours hasn’t been kind to the crypto market. In fact, over this past week, things have been hectic for Bitcoin and altcoins as the price of the leading currency dropped below $10k for a short time, dragging everything else along with it. 

Cardano’s ADA token is currently priced at $0.07 following a 4.87 percent decrease over the past day.

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