Bitcoin Is Revolutionising Sport

Bitcoin Is Revolutionising Sport

World elite sports have seen huge changes over the past couple of years and I’m not just talking about rules, laws and regulations, i’m talking about the injection of a new kind of sponsorship and a new kind of endorsement, that is, a huge uprise in the endorsement of Bitcoin and other related cryptocurrencies.

These days, we see many major sports teams advertising sponsorship deals with major cryptocurrency firms. We only need look as far as the English Premier League to see a number of major sporting franchises wearing the colours of cryptocurrency and blockchain brands and businesses. Why is this important? Well, it’s a key move towards the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

With major sports people wearing crypto names and stadium advertising boards brandishing the Bitcoin logo, millions of sports fans across the globe are being exposed to these brands and thus are slowly starting to see influence from the blockchain industry on the whole.

The rise of Bitcoin has of course made cryptocurrency more popular and with this, major advertisers are now wanting a slice of the action. Even if only 10% of those football fans who have seen a cryptocurrency advertisement at their favourite football club eventually go on to invest in Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) in the long term, this is sure to encourage whole new waves of investment.

Not only that however, cryptocurrency is starting to become more active within sports too. We have seen major sports transfers take place in Europe, which has seen the exchange of football players for Bitcoin payments and moreover, we are now starting to see a number of new blockchain based betting applications start to roll out too. People are using cryptocurrency to gamble on the outcome of sports matches, if that’s not considered as Bitcoin adoption, then I don’t really know what is!

World sports is a huge market, one of the biggest in the world. It’s exciting to see just how Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are starting to make moves within this area too. Millions of people watch and play sports each day, soon enough these millions will start to talk about, learn about and eventually invest in cryptocurrencies. Catch the sports fans and actually, Bitcoin has a very good chance of catching the rest of the world too.

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