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These Are The People You Need To Know About If You’re A Crypto Investor

These Are The People You Need To Know About If You’re A Crypto Investor
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Many crypto investors forget that behind every cryptocurrency there is a company, and behind that company is a group of individuals that develop the project and try to keep it alive as long as possible.

The competence of the team is just as important as the uniqueness, profitability or relativity of the business model itself. The digital world we live in today can make or break companies with a single misplaced tweet or the discovery of some controversy from the past.

Much like Hollywood stars, crypto markets stars are also subject to these dangers and can always have their crypto business destroyed because of a bad decision in the past. However, not every team member has this much influence on the company, there are actually only three people you need to pay attention to.

Let’s find out who they are.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

You probably already know that the Chief Executive Officer, also known as the CEO is the face of the company. Anything he or she does is always reflected on the company’s competence, trustworthiness and overall profitability in the future.

According to Clicktrades, There have been many cases where CEOs caused massive price drops in stock prices in the past simply due to their reckless tweeting. The latest case of this can be assigned to the popular philanthropist Elon Musk, when, during one of his Tweeting sessions, he gave out insider information about the future of Tesla, a automobile company he founded. Soon enough he was charged a fine by the local financial regulator and the Tesla stock took a massive hit.

You can actually see quite a lot of crypto CEOs trying to manipulate their coin price through tweets like these. You don’t need to see further than Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON. It’s completely fine to have the CEO share information, but it’s important exactly how much he shares with the community.

Besides his or her activities on social media, the CEO needs to act as the most important brand ambassador for the company. The meetings and interviews they get invited on is always a gamble. The way he or she behaves is always an indication of how the project will develop.

If you watch the CEOs talk about their companies, it’s usually very easy to see if they are going to commit themselves to the project or give up on it in the middle simply because of their demeanour.

Furthermore, the CEO’s past is also absolutely essential. If he or she had been spotted in some controversial ventures, regardless of which industry it was in, it’s always smart to simply stay back. Although people tend to change, it’s best to stay safe and go for a more trustworthy CEO, and it’s the company’s responsibility to see a bad past as a liability. Their negligence of seeing it as an issue could translate into their approach to the project as a whole.

The Marketing Manager

The marketing manager has one of the hardest jobs in the company, which is making sure that every person that has ever heard about the blockchain has also heard about the company’s coin as well.

The competence of the marketing manager is usually directly tied to the growth of the company. If this person cannot manage to build positive relationships with potential customers, both individuals and corporations, there is absolutely no growth pattern that the coin can rely on.

Nearly every investor is focusing on how the coin can grow on its own, and not by bullish sentiment in the market, and when the business model proposed and the marketing strategy to ensure it relies on that indicator alone, not too much can be expected in terms of consistent gains.

There is very little that can be found out about the marketing manager through their background, as there are always mishaps in the projects. However, what investors can do is research the marketing agency that the company has employed. Usually, the success of the project lies solely on the shoulders of that outsourced team.

Software developers

Finally, we reach arguably the most important people in the team. The developers that are actually tasked with bulding the project from scratch are responsible that customers are given a comprehensive, well-optimized, industry standard product at the end of a campaign.

If they fail to create something that brings value, or if they fail to create something at all, the whole project is going to fall through. The CEO tweet can be repaired by replacing him or her, the marketing campaign can be improved upon through learned experience, but a failed product due to incompetent developers is never going to take off in the future, simply because the community had already formed a prejudice towards it.

When taking a look at the developers, it is absolutely essential that you research their GitHub. This is where most of their portfolio should be displayed. If they don’t have a GitHub page, then they’re not real developers and you should high-tail it out of there.

The best case scenario is seeing developers that have worked on successful crypto projects in the past. Those who are socially active are also a great boost as they tend to give away tips about future updates in the source code, which could help investors prepare for either a bullish or a bearish run.

That’s pretty much all of the employees you need to consider when dealing with a crypto company. Imagine the CEO on top, the marketing manager in the middle and the developer at the bottom. Should the developer fail, the whole team comes down, while a CEO’s failure can easily be fixed.

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