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Craig Wright’s Satoshi Claim Arrives at an Impasse

Craig Wright’s Satoshi Claim Arrives at an Impasse
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Craig Wright, or Satoshi Nakamoto as he claims to be, recently attended a mediation conference in Miami related to his $10 billion lawsuit against the estate of deceased computer genius Dave Kleiman.

At an Impasse

In a court filing dated June 18th, the mediator highlighted that both parties were unable to resolve their lawsuit at mediation.

“This case did not settle at the mediation. As a result, we are at an impasse.”

The Satoshi Debate

The conference happened just one day after a judge sealed evidence that Wright was instructed to show in regards to him being the creator of Bitcoin AKA Satoshi Nakamoto.

A good friend of Wright, Calvin Ayre had something to say on the situation and took to Twitter following the mediation. The crypto entrepreneur has said that Wright is dedicated to showing the world that he is in fact, the inventor of the original cryptocurrency.

“Craig just finished his settlement conference in Miami and reports are they can not comment on what happened. However Craig is in the US and is intent on regaining control over his legacy as Satoshi in that country now.”

Both Wright and Kleiman worked on Bitcoin from 2008 to 2013. The Kleiman estate has admitted in its lawsuit that either Kleiman or Wright could be Satoshi and probably invented BTC considering they were working on it during the 2008 financial crisis before it was released a year later.

“It is unclear whether Craig, Dave, and/or both created Bitcoin. It is undeniable, however, that Craig and Dave were involved in Bitcoin from its inception and that they both accumulated a vast wealth of bitcoins from 2009 through 2013.”

Even though he has claimed that he is the creator of Bitcoin, Wright has distanced himself from the original cryptocurrency. According to him, BTC is tainted and perverted after devolving into an asset for criminals, scammers and hackers.

As reported by CCN:

“In a withering May manifesto, Wright says he created bitcoin to operate within the law and not to facilitate crimes. Therefore, Wright says he washes his hands of BTC and now embraces Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) as the one “true bitcoin.”

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