TRON Continues To Show It’s One Of The Best

TRON Continues To Show It’s One Of The Best

TRON TRX, the cryptocurrency designed and created by Justin Sun continues to prove its worth within the markets despite being quite a new cryptocurrency in the grand scheme of things. From the start, TRON was born as a part of Ethereum, built on the Ethereum blockchain on the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol, TRON quickly became one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies not built onto it’s own mainnet. A year ago however this all changed when TRON released their own blockchain, one built to try and replace Ethereum and one that now hosts the native TRON TRX token, a token that is performing well and pleasing investors in the process.

TRON frequently enters the cryptocurrency top ten, proving that not only is TRX a great asset, it is one that is traded very widely across a host of platforms. Ok, so TRON isn’t the sky rocket investment that Bitcoin once was, but as a sensible investment option TRX continues to prove its worth. Please note though that whilst TRX has performed well of late, cryptocurrency is a very risky business. Price fluctuations can occur on a regular basis, therefore if you do decide to invest on TRON TRX, do so at your own risk. Only invest money that you can afford to lose and above all, trade safely.

Just yesterday, TRON stormed back into the top 10 market, something that AMBCrypto believes is down to positive movements from within the TRON structure and the team at TRON themselves:

“Justin Sun, CEO of Tron Foundation, had earlier claimed that Tron [TRX] would be back in the top 10 crypto rankings by the start of June, but the breach came earlier than he expected. Justin Sun recently broke the ice over a major announcement regarding TRON [TRX] and BitTorrent [BTT] and he stated that he would be sharing it with the community on the 1st of June. He also announced that BTT will be listed on KuCoin exchange from June 2019. Tron [TRX] was valued at $0.0356 and the trade volume over the past day was a massive $1.6 billion.”

Such positivity is reflected within the TRON roadmap, a map that outlines the plan for TRX and TRON for the foreseeable future. As a matter of fact, Sun is famed for having one of the most detailed road maps within the markets, therefore it’s hardly a surprise that Sun essentially predicted when TRON would swing back into the top ten. This is a very organized company, one that is very passionate about their asset.

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