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PewDiePie Boosts User Percentage on Blockchain Streaming Platform

PewDiePie Boosts User Percentage on Blockchain Streaming Platform
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It’s been a strange few years for PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg. He’s been constantly under fire by a lot of news outlets over claims that he is racist as well as during the ‘Subscribe to PewDiePie’ movement being related to the Christchurch shootings in New Zealand earlier this year.

But don’t worry, we’ve actually got some good news from everyone’s favourite YouTuber.

The blockchain-based live streaming service DLive has experienced a 67 percent growth in its user base since Pewds joined the platform in April.

There are now more than five million monthly users and over 70,000 streamers on the DLive platform now. Before April, the platform only had three million monthly active users and nearly 35,000 active streamers.

As reported by CoinDesk:

“DLive is a decentralized platform built using the Lino Network blockchain, which rewards both content creators and viewers using its native token, ‘Lino points.’ It takes no percentage of earnings and does not charge fees to content creators, although they do face platform fees when exchange tokens for fiat currency.”

The co-founder of the Lino Network, Wilson Wei spoke to the Nikkei Asian Review and said:

“I think the lack of transparency and the huge cut that platforms take from content creators, are the two biggest problems the online streaming industry has. And blockchain is the perfect technology to solve both problems.”

DLive have allegedly got plans for the future to grow beyond its rival, the Amazon-owned live streaming video platform Twitch, which takes half of the profits that the streamers make. In fact, 2.2 million daily broadcasters currently stream to Twitch.

In February last year, Lino raised around $20 million in order to build a “YouTube on the blockchain” in a private token sale led by ZhenFund. At the time, claimed that he expects content creators to bring in up to five times as much profit they make on YouTube or Twitch.

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