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The EOS Founders Questionable Opinions on Climate Change & Vaccinations

The EOS Founders Questionable Opinions on Climate Change & Vaccinations
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The software programmer and crypto entrepreneur, Dan Larimer has posted a controversial opinion in regards to climate change and vaccination. The thoughts from the EOS founder has received quite a lot of backlash from the crypto community.

Larimer questions the authorities, who confirm that climate change is real and say that vaccination is a mandatory thing. The specifics on Larimer’s beliefs on the two subjects are limited to some Telegram posts, where he discussed the science behind studies as being in need of some improvement. The EOS founder seems to hold an almost backwards position on climate change and vaccination as the post indicates.

“Vaccines may cure 1% of disease but weaken against others. No one compared alternative to wax. It’s the broken window fallacy of medicine… Our focus should be on building natural immune systems that fight known and unknown illness. Not unnatural systems that might be of some benefit for individual illnesses but have unknown consequences.”

The full thread of posts can be seen here but they seem to suggest that Larimer has a problem with those in scientific space who he perceives as arrogant and cannot conceive of themselves as being wrong or lacking information.

With all this aside, the crypto community has been shaken up from Larimer’s opinions. Some have called him out by saying that the science is very much in favour of the fact that vaccination does indeed help. Not to mention climate change which is almost unavoidable at this rate and is occurring around our planet.

In terms of price, EOS is performing well with a price of $5.37 following a 2.89 percent increase over the past 24 hours.

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